How Did Nike Become the Best? Find Out. "Yesterday you said tomorrow, Just do it" nike

Some History

Before the year 1987, the sports outfitting company Nike was not in the position in comparison to its main competitor Reebok or against its own measures. Around that year Nike has also laid off around 20% of their workforce, bad times.

Lesson Learned

During and before the late eighties Nike had a very thin customer base that was mostly made up of competitive male athletes, at the same time Reebok was competing for the same market and also had begun to work with sport oriented women which began widening their base of customers. Reebok also attracted new prospect with their new invention of aerobic shoes. It was at this point that Nike realized they need to promptly widen their base of customers, also it was then they realized that obesity and procrastination was a very common problem in the American society for a majority of the population. They also realized the Nike brand was not communicating the right message to inspire people nor was it sending any message to the right targets. After gathering and understanding these conclusions of course after a lot of marketing efforts the Just Do It campaign was born.

Over the hill

Nike was coming to road bump while only marketing to the niche of athletes. They began implementing the new and ever successful marketing campaign; Just Do It. The company realized that there were over 150,000,00 million American residents that were exercising regularly and decided to tap into the number, and even though that market was much larger than their previous one, there goal was to also help with obesity issues at the time.

They accomplished it all by crafting a campaign, a brand renovation, the “Just Do It” the new line was simple yet it inspired people to be brave in a positive way. This new inspirational, energizing and authentic slogan allowed Nike to step into it position as one of the most iconic sport outfitting company to exist. Once they launched “Just Do It”, Nike’s brand sales were revitalized, by near 1,000% over the next ten years. The slogan inspired millions of people and is still the company slogan today.

Key take aways

  • Create simple campaigns
  • Create a campaign that is both meaningful and with good purpose to society
  • Make it memorable
  • Keep it short
  • Make likable
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