Mone Logo's This logo effectively uses all five elements, the lines separate the colors which use 4 separate colors both warm and cold. it manipulates the mass along with the texture acting as though it is folding over each other.

This logo does not use much color but a simple negative coloring. There is not much lines, mass or texture used. The design remains simple manipulating shapes to create a rabbit figure.
This logo uses circles as its major shape, there are 4 colors separated by lines. There is not much mass involved but its 3D texture is communicated through its shading.
This Logo manipulates several colors and shapes. There are curved lines in its design, there is not much mass. The texture is layered and brings dynamic difference.
This logo is made up of typography. It only uses one color and does not use much lines or texture. However, there is mass in the 'H' and 'M' where they enlarged the font to highlight its importance.
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Mone Ishikawa

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