"STIMULI" A Project by ToluDaDi


Born Toluwalope Ajani Ojelabi, ToluDaDi is an Afrobeat/ Afro-fusion artiste from Nigeria whose skill strength lies in his versatility and musical genre range. He grew up and currently resides in Accra, Ghana where the discovery of his musical talent at the age of seventeen drove his passion for it. In his own words, “I make music to change; moods, situations, and lives. I just want to speak through my gift and when the time comes for me to add to my talent, I will; but for now, I want to be impactful by influencing change in the lives of those who listen to my work.”

ToluDaDi's Sound

ToluDaDi is an Afrobeat artiste that enjoys creating sounds in different musical genres, yet the fusion of African sounds in his music stays consistent. His melodious and energetic storytelling ability is one of his great qualities where he uses it to take his listeners on a smooth cruise from the opening seconds of a track, to its final beat drop.


This Side - EP (2019)

Stress - Single (2019)

Faya - Single (2020)

Stimuli- Project (2020)


The Official "Stimuli" Cover Art

The word “Stimuli'' is defined as, “a thing that rouses activity or energy in someone or something; a spur or incentive”. ToluDaDi’s goals for this project is to spark his listeners' incentive to unleash their full potential as they strive to be great in whatever their destined life purposes are.

“Stimuli”is influenced by ToluDaDi’s personal life experiences and his surroundings. He found inspiration during the creation process of this project from African legends he grew up listening to such as; Fela, Lagbaja, Asa, Fatai Rolling Dollars, Kwam1, King Sunny Ade, Salawa Abeni, and Shina Peters. His sound is heavily influenced by his Yoruba background with his music reflecting the representation of his culture.

From stimulating, thought-provoking anthems to hardcore political commentaries, with a dash of sweet love jams, there is a song on “Stimuli” for everyone. The project will surely go down as a memorable one.

"People need to wake up. We will wake them up"
"Stimulate your minds. Them wan put you asleep, My brother wake your mind."

Track List Break Down

“Fvcking Expensive”

As a creative, it takes time and resources for your dreams to progress. On “Fvcking Expensive”, ToluDaDi gives a transparent account of his personal struggles and sacrifices he has made to push his craft forward. The song ends with a voice note from a loved one that applauds ToluDaDi’s efforts on diligently working towards his dreams and offers encouragement for him to keep striving to get there.


Mothers play a key role in the lives of their children and can always be counted on to express their sincere concerns, speculations, and feedback towards the endeavors of their children. ToluDaDi dedicates “Mama” to his mother and sweetly reassures her that he is working hard on using his God-given talent to pursue his dreams; which would ultimately make her extremely proud of him.


To excel in any industry, it is crucial that genuine support is received from those who believe in you to propel your brand to reach its full extent. “Push” is an invitation to ToluDaDi’s listeners to feel free to push his art with all those who have ears to listen and eyes to see.

“Like This” featuring Cici Yeboah

African women are breath-taking, and “Like This” offers praise to these queens for their glorious qualities. ToluDaDi uses a variation of English, Twi, and Yoruba to express his appreciation for the personified work of art he has his eyes laid on. Cici Yeboah also chimes in by using her lush vocals to celebrate her African king who she has deep feelings for.

“Tell You Something” featuring Bwoui Face & Thrill

Vulnerability and honesty are major keys in a successful love story and “Tell You Something” expresses variations of these notions. ToluDaDi, and the featured artistes, Bwoui Face and Thrill proclaim their affectionate declarations to their women on how they intend to love them wholeheartedly.

“Accra Love Story” featuring AnoNimo

“Accra Love Story” is an interlude that tells the story of a young girl in Accra struggling with juggling the chase for love and money because the two typically cannot mingle together.

“Stimulate” featuring BabaWvD & AnoNimo

ToluDaDi’s goal for his project, “Stimuli” is to offer stimulation to the minds of all who listen. He uses “Stimulate” as a wake up call for his listeners to realize what is transpiring within their surroundings so they can be alert at all times.

“Taya” featuring YN the Afropikin

“Taya” is a political commentary on the horrendous jobs being carried out by politicians. ToluDaDi expresses his exhaustion with their work and calls them out for their short-comings. Our leaders can do better, and they need to do so for the betterment of the people they were voted into office to serve.

“Koko Below”

ToluDaDi carefully put “Stimuli” together and made sure there was a song for everyone on it. His ninth track, Koko Below” is a catchy, playful tune that will easily persuade listeners to get down and groove.


As an artiste, a good amount of confidence is an essential attribute to have as you continue to win the hearts of good music lovers globally. “Agbalagbi” reflects on that confidence by referencing a famous Yoruba word created by Yoruba comedian, Baba Suwe in a famous quote that states, “Agbalagbi to ju Agbalagba lo”, which translates to “the master of masters”. ToluDaDi begins the track with the famous quote from Baba Suwe to give a taste of his personality and alludes that he knows his worth as a musician.


“Keresi” is the final track on “Stimuli” where ToluDaDi uses his multilingual skills as an engaging means one last time before the final beat drop of the project. The song also offers a welcoming presence for his listeners to enjoy his work of art again from the top.


"Stimuli" Trailer

Contact Information

Email: toludadi@gmail.com