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Please note that AIMday Bio-Solutions will be held with remote workshop sessions.

We help you build valuable relationships.

The rate of progress in science and technology has put greater emphasis on establishing partnerships with universities. Collaborations between academic institutions and businesses foster innovation and stimulate business growth. To help you build valuable relationships with academics from a variety of disciplines who can contribute to your success, we bring you AIMday – Academic Industry Meeting day.

What is AIMday ?

AIMday is a collaborative knowledge exchange event format that can bring originality, creativity and innovation to challenges faced by your organisation. Companies pose questions around the event theme, which are then tackled by a group of academics from across the University of Edinburgh during one-hour workshop sessions.

The unique format - one question, one hour, a group of experts - provides short, sharp, but effective meetings. And since every question is usually discussed in groups of researchers from different scientific fields, it is addressed from multiple perspectives. Participation in AIMday is about opening up to new knowledge, perspectives, ideas and contacts for all participating parties. Discussions are open and frank.

How could participation in AIMday benefit my organisation?

  • You can access the latest cutting-edge research within the topic area.
  • Discussions with academics are tailored to your unique challenge or question.
  • You can collaborate with experts from a variety of academic disciplines.
  • You can get tangible, actionable advice on the challenges you are facing.
  • You have an opportunity to expand your existing networks.
  • There is no cost to participants.

AIMday Bio-Solutions

There are numerous applications where biotechnology can help businesses become more sustainable or innovative. We can achieve transformative improvements across many industries such as: construction, food and drink, fashion, FMCG, chemicals and automotive and many others.

AIMday Bio-Solutions enables you to explore your challenges around the use of biotechnology with experts from a variety of academic disciplines in a collaborative process that aims to deliver innovation.

Expertise at the University of Edinburgh

  • Synthetic and Systems Biology

Synthetic and Systems Biology are core to our ability to design and build new organisms with predictability. Edinburgh is proud to host two research centres: The Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology (SynthSys), a virtual centre encompassing 200 researchers across the University, and the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, the only research centre globally to focus on mammalian synthetic biology.

  • Industrial Biotechnology

We have a wide range of research around using novel feedstocks, re-using industrial by-products, generating value from waste streams, recycling of rare metals, harnessing the properties of novel microbes (e.g. extremophiles), and bioremediation of contaminated sites using microbes.

  • Big ‘Bio’ Data

Modern biotechnologies generate vast volumes of data, the analysis and interpretation of which is vital to the development of the field. Edinburgh is a world-leading centre for data-driven innovation, which supports our drive to accelerate biotechnology research.

  • Biomaterials

Edinburgh researchers are developing novel biomaterials that have unique functions not seen in nature. Other biomaterials research is inspired by nature or repurposes properties of molecules found in the natural world.

  • Agriculture

Plants make excellent living ‘factories’ for novel materials and we have a unique capability in plant and algal biotechnology.

  • Veterinary medicine

Edinburgh is host to one of the largest clusters of animal health research in Europe, with expertise in animal breeding and veterinary medicine which offers huge potential for the application of bio-technology.

  • Cell and Gene Therapy

We have world-class expertise in ‘living therapies’ such as stem cell therapies. Potentially these offer transformative solutions (‘cures’) to what are currently chronic, irreversible and poorly controlled diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. We also have considerable expertise in the production of biologics, the fastest growing class of medicines.

  • Social Sciences

World-leading research carried out in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences has wide-ranging impact on society and has the potential to make a difference to policy, professional practice, business performance and the wellbeing of communities and cultures. An example is the Innogen Institute, which helps guide new UK and global policies around the regulation of next generation biotechnologies such as synthetic biology and regenerative medicines.

AIMday Example Questions

AIMday consists of several one-hour workshops where exchange of knowledge takes place. All contributions are welcome within the specific theme. Questions should be phrased in a way that makes it clear what exactly the challenge is and how academics within different fields can contribute with their expertise.

To register your organisation, please submit at least one question that you would like to discuss with our academics.

Get in touch to get help with formulating your questions

Example Questions

  • How could biological processes increase the sustainability of my business?
  • How could the use of synthetic biology and machine learning speed up the discovery process for new enzymes?
  • How can biological organisms inspire new materials (such as changing colour, texture and temperature)?
  • How could biotechnology be applied to develop a new sustainable synthetic route to produce xx?

LendingCrowd, an online marketplace lending platform, first met the University of Edinburgh at AIMday Fintech. Their discussions at AIMday led to a project with the Edinburgh Business School and funding was secured with help from Edinburgh Innovations.

The project looked at scoping the data and modelling requirements in order to improve LendingCrowd’s credit risk decision-making systems and enable more accurate risk assessments in the long-term. To build on the recommendations from the initial project, further funding routes are currently being explored to enable a larger collaborative project between the University and LendingCrowd.

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