(Week 3) w/c 27th March 2017 Reflective Journal by Dziliana Vorobjova

Week 27/03 - 31/03

On Monday, Harry and I worked on our market research, while also getting inspired to add new ideas to our games. We chose to include the games that we are experienced with and that inspired us. We collected our knowledge and new research about the games and decided what features would really suit our game.

Both of us researched 3 games each. I did Dark Souls and two Telltale games.

On Thursday, we worked on creating moodboards for our asset inspirations and developing new ideas for our game. We did Level Designs, Art Style, Protagonist, Supporting Character, Enemies, UI and Weapons. I worked on the Level Designs, Art Style, Supporting Character and half of the Protagonist moodboards. This has really helped us generate common ideas for the character designs and storyline ideas as well as gameplay. We have played all of these games and seen the mentioned movies, so we have good knowledge on what we're referencing from.

We added connotations to specify our main game, film and character references.

Creating these moodboards allowed us to develop new ideas and research more about the Yakuza's appearances, researching about their tattoos and the meanings, character development and gain an understanding where we should set our storyline.

I went to see Logan the other day and Laura (x-23), the second protagonist in Logan, has given me a lot of ideas and inspiration on developing the supporting protagonist (the child). Laura is a fiesty, goal-driven, strong girl; and that's exactly how I imagine a our second character to be raised by a Yakuza member.

We are planning to see other films surrounding the Yakuza or other gang-related movies to take references.

While Harry was working on the Weapons moodboard, it gave me a lot of understanding and new knowledge on weapons used by gangs and their effectiveness. I have realised that during this project, we can learn new things from each other that we didn't know about.

On Friday, we continued researching about the Yakuza, finding about how they exactly work, why are they not criminalized, what kind of rules do they have, what kind of crimes they commit, while also understand the reason why they do it. These articles have given us a lot of insight that the Yakuza members are humans too. Although the crimes they commit are awful, we can understand that they are a family too and have their own reasons. This has given us ideas on how to develop our game's storyline more in depth and how to connect the player with the characters despite their atrocities.


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