Imagination at its Best with our minds we learn

Between the ages of 3 and 5, children see the world with eyes wide open, eager to learn and make sense of all that surrounds them.

At SFCS our goal is to embrace the children's natural curiosity, encourage learning through play and hands on discovery while gently introducing concepts in math, science and literacy. In the process, we strive to build a love towards learning, embrace each child's natural talents, and establish a foundation to foster academic confidence as they get prepared for the transition into Kindergarten and beyond.

Children are natural scientists, they strive with learning that is fun and mesmerizing and that provides hands on discoveries and interactive play.

Thematic learning opportunities are all around us; Halloween is always one of the favored festivities.
Self-esteem and confidence are ignited when children are provided with opportunities to showcase their achievements and learnings.
A happy mind is an open mind.

Our classrooms provide well-organized, stimulating, bright and engaging settings supporting different styles of learning and in a variety of activities.

Few things encourage creativity and imagination like story telling so allowing time for book exploration serves as a wonderful venue to foster curiosity and promote learning.

By focusing on the social and emotional development of children, we foster a safe and engaging environment where children learn through play, develop independence and work effectively with others as they practice communication skills, regulating behavior and developing emotional maturity in a setting that promotes growth through monitored and intentional challenges.

We invite you to explore our wonderful preschool program and join us in the adventure of learning and friendship-making that SFCS is committed to provide.

Life-long friendships start here.
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