Radio Waves

Radio waves are used to communicate long distances. These waves carry sound to other destinations. They have frequencies from 10^4 10^11 and 10^12.

Micro Waves

Micro waves are electromagnetic radiation with short wave lengths. They have frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 MHz.

Infrared waves

infrared waves are also a form of radiation. You encounter this type of wave the most throughout the day although it goes unnoticed. This is because it is invisible to the eye but most of the time you will feel it as heat. These waves have a frequency between 300 GHz and 430 THz

Visible light waves

Visible light waves are known for being visible by the human eye. A prism can break white light up into visible light. Visible light waves have a frequency between 430-770 THz.

Ultraviolet waves

These waves lengths are shorter than visible light and can not be seen by the human eye. Some insects can see them though.

X-ray waves

X-rays have shorter waves lengths than UV rays and longer wave lengths than gamma rays. Their frequencies are between 30 petahertz and 30 exahertz.

Gamma rays

These waves have a frequency between 25 and 100 Hz but are typically 40 Hz. Gamma waves are an neural oscillation in humans.

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