1789-1797 1st president vp: John Adams Had No political party

Domestic: Accomplishments-created the Bill of Rights, Creation of the presidential Cabinet and Bank of America. Failure- Excise tax led to the Whiskey Rebellion

Foreign- Accomplishments: Pickney's treaty gave the U.S. navigation rights and land rights in the south. Failures: Proclamation of Neutrality- Led to impressment of U.S. sailors. Jay's treaty with Britain did not stop the British fight against the U.S. and increased tension with France. Citizen Genet caused some U..S. citizens to want to help the French

Washington was an above average president. He did not have directions on how to led a new nation but still did it efficiently. The reason's for his actions were understandable and would of worked if other countries respected the U.S.

John Adams

1796-1801 2nd president vice president:Thomas Jefferson

Domestic- accomplishments: Bank of America was his idea Failures: Alien and Sedition Act made it harder for immigrates and banned the speaking out against the government. The Va/Ky resolution were drafted because the states thought the Alien and Sedition act was unconstitutional. Adams also signed judges into office at the very end of his presidency terming the phase "Midnight Judges". This was so the Federalist ideals would be instilled, however many of the Judgeships were not received during his presidency. So, Thomas cut them causing the Malbury vs. Madison court case.

Foreign- Accomplishments: The Treaty of Mortefontaine ended the U.S. alliance with France Failures: The xyz affair led to the Quasi War with France.

Adam was a below average president because he only got the U.S. into conflicts. His accomplishments can be debated. He did not skillful negotiate with the European countries to get out of predicaments.

Thomas Jefferson

1801-1809 3rd President

1st vice president: Aaron Burr, second term George Clinton

Democratic Repulician founder: belived people and states have power, strict constitution

Led the peaceful exchange of power in 1800.Reduced the National debt

Internal Conflict because he word go against what he preached. Judiciary act gave supreme court all the power (negative for Thomas Jefferson)

The purchase of Louisiana helped elect him into another term. Created Marines by Barbary pirates war- wiched saved the U.S. alot of money

War of 1812 started under him. The Embargo and non-intercourse act only hurted the U.S. economy

The embargo act

As a president he was average. Without the embargo act he would have a higher rating. Those acts just plummeted the U.S. economy and created smuggling. However, his Louisiana purchase was a positive for him. He didn't actually go do anything like the purchase he got lucky and he didn't fix the war of 1812 before it started.

James Madison

Democratic Republican

Served from 1809-1817

First VP George Clint, Second Elbridge Gerry

Domestic Policy

Accomplisments: co-authored the federalist papers, Father of the Constitution (drafted the Bill of Rights), renewed the National bank to fund the war of 1813

Failures: Attempted the delay the war as much as possible which led to further impressement and more fighting with the natives

Foreign Policy

Accomplishments: Leader of the nation during war of 1812

Failures:Signed Macon's Bill No.2, did not prevent the burning of Washington D.C.

Macon's bill No.2 signing

Personal Opinion

Madison was an above average leader, he lead the country to win the War of 1812. Before his presidency he also played a vital role in the founding of the country.

James Monroe

Democratic Republician

Served from 1817-1825 with Daniel Tompkins as his vice president both terms

Domestic Policy

Accomplishment: President during Era of Good Feelings; nationalistic country, founding father, American System, Missouri Compromise

Missouri Compromise

Failures: Panic of 1819

Foreign Policy

Accomplishments: Monroe Doctrine, Treaty of 1818, Rush-Bagot Treaty, Seminole War, Created the American System to protect the western hempishere


Personal Opinion

Monroe was an exception president. During his term the nation was happy and together. He was able to expand the United States and making America a greater empire.

John Quincy Adams


Served from 1825-1829

Vice president John C. Calhoun

Domestic Policy

Accomplishments:reduced the national debt, created the American System

Failures: Allowed corrupt bargaining, instilled the tariff of 1828

Foreign Policy

Accomplishments: Removed Britian from the Great Lakes region

Failures: Policies with natives

Personal Opinion

Adams was a below average president. During his presidency the country was in despair from the tariff. He also allowed the government to be corrupt. However he was able to remove Great Britain forts form the U.S.

Andrew Jackson


Served from 1829-1837

1st term vp: John C. Calhoun 2nd term vp: Martin Van Buren

Domestic Policy

Accomplishment: War hero, expanded democracy to the common white men

Failures: South Carolina Expostition, Indian removal Act: Native problems, expansion of presidentcial power

Foreign Policy

Accomplishments: repair relationship with Great Britian

Failures:Did not get France to pay for their impressement damages

Personal Opinion

Jackson was a below average president. He had no respect for the minorities or the supreme court opinions. South Carolina declared the government unconstitutional during his term. he did get a better relationship with Britain though.


Served from 1856-1840 VP Richard Johnson

Domestic Policy

Accomplishments: Resloved National Bank problems, created independent treasury

Failures: Panic of 1817

Foreign Policy

Accomplishments:Lonestar Rebellion

Failures:Aroostock War, Webster-Ashburton treaty

Personal Opinion

Buren's was an average president. His accomplishments and failures evened out. A big accomplishment was his economical help with the creation of the independent treasury. Though he ignored the Maine, New Brunswick dispute for a while.

William Henry Harrison


Served in 1841, vp John Tyler


He served for a month so he did not do anything major

Log Cabin Campaign-portrayed himself as a simple man

Personal Opinion

N/A. He was dumb and did his speech in the rain

John Tyler


Served:1841-1845 No VP

Demostic Policy

Accomplishments: Annexed Texas, higher tariff bill

Failure: Congress was not in his favor

Foreign Policy

Accomplishments:ended seminole dispute, established the Webster-Ashburton treaty to ended the border dispute with Canada

Webster-Ashburton treaty

Failure: No Oregon border treaty

Personal Opinion

Tyler was average. Not many policies were created during his term. He did help Texas join the states

James K. Polk

President 11


VP George M. Dallas


Domestic Policies

Accomplishments: Walker Tariff of 1846 helped citzens. Independent Treasury act of 1846 was supposed to fix the damages from the Panic of 1837.

Failures: Wilmot Proviso was supposed to be a postivie but caused more sectionalism

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Oregon treaty of 1846 finally split the Oregon territory with Britian. Texas Annexation gave U.S. Texas

Failures:Mexican American War

Personal Opinion

Below average. I did not agree on his views of Manifest Destiny. He took the country in the way he wanted to not what would of benefited the Union. His actions lead to sectionalism

Zachary Taylor

President 12


VP Millard Fillmore


Domestic Policies

Accomplishments: Encouraged California to apply for statehood. Started the compromise of 1850

Failures: Militarily tried to fix Texas-New Mexico border dispute

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Clayton-Bulwer Treaty resolved spread of manifest destiny. Supported German liberators in revolutionary.

Failures: Clashed with France, Cuba and Portugal

Personal Opinion

Above average. For the one year he served he accomplished a good amount. He attempted to keep the union together.

Millard Fillmore

President 13

appeared on small coins for a short duration of time




Domestic Policies

Accomplishments:Compromise of 1850

Failures:He poorly tried to fix the dispute around the Fugitive Slave acts, Uncle Tom's Cabin is published

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Began trading with Japan. Protected Hawii from falling to French and British

Failures: Caused Austria to protest the U.S for siding with Hungry

Personal Opinion

Below average. He helped the U.S. rise internationally with trading with Japan. Overall though he did not do many things domestically that made him significant.

Franklin Pierce

President 14


VP William KIng


Domestic Policies

Accomplishments:Popular Soverignty

Failures:Kansas-Nebraska Act led to bleeding Kansas. Failure of the Ostend Manifesto

Canning of Sumner by Brooks

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments: Tariff agreement with Britian, Gadsden purchase

Failures:Ostend Manifesto

Personal Opinion

Below average. He did not have many accomplishments within the country. His attempt to buy Cuba drove the North and South apart

James Buchanan

President 15


VP John Breckinridge


Domestic Policies


Failures:Panic of 1857. Utah War, Dred Scott vs Sanford, John Brown's raids

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Got reparations from Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia for damages to American property, transit rights from Nicaragua

Failures:Tried to use the Navy to scare Britian

Personal Opinion

Below average because he created a lot of problems/ did not fix the problems already in America at the time. There was even a committee to investigate him.

Abraham Lincoln

President 15


VP 1st Hannibal Hamlin 2nd Andrew Johnson


Domestic Policies

Accomplishments:Reconstruction plan, Emancipation Proclamation. Homestead Act, Morrill Land Grant act, legal tender act, Anaconda plan,Gettysburg Address

Full Gettysburg Address

Failures:call for men after fort sumter, Draft riots, Ex parte Merryman

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Trent affair, Emancipation Proclamation

Failures:Union attacking British ships

Personal Opinion

Great because he was a natural born politician. He was able to use his mind and media to his advantage. He kept firing the military leaders till Grant which won the war. He was also able to avoid war with Britian

Andrew Johnson

President 17



National Union

Domestic Policies

Accomplishments:Wade-Davis Bill, 14th admend. Reconstruction

Failures:Tenure of Office act

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Removed French from Mexico, repaired relations with Great Britian. Bought Alaska from Russia

Some thought the purchase was useless because it was a wasteland

Failures: Goal of purchasing all of Canada did not happen

Personal Opinion

Average: With military force his reconstruction was successful. He was known to veto everything though with got him impeached. His role in rebuilding relations with Britain was needed and a major positive.

Ulysses S. Grant

President 18


VP Schuyler Colfax


Domestic Policies

Accomplishments: Reconstruction, 15th amend., Enforcement Acts, Native American Policy

Failures:Spread of extremists (KKK),Did not intervene in conflicts in Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, or Mississippi, Fiscal Policy, Credit Mobiler scandal,

Cartoon showing Grantism

Foreign Policies

Accomplishments:Annex of Santo Domingo. Treaty of 1872

Failures: Did not support rebels in Cuba (congress and citzens wanted too). Alabama Claims strained British and U.S. relations

Personal Opinion

Average. The men surrounding Grant were involved in scandals causing his whole term to be negative. He did help rebuild the union with the new amendment and the continue of reconstruction. However, relations with Britain were just fixed then he ruined them again.


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