Gobi Desert in northern china and southern mongolia

Climate of the Gobi Desert

The average amount of rainfall in the gobi desert is around 7.6 inches every year. The minimum temperature of the gobi desert is -40 degrees fahrenheit and can reach a maximum of 122 degrees fahrenheit. There are 2 main seasons one being the summer season and one being a winter season.

desert climatogram

primary productivity

Compared to all of the other biomes in the world, the desert has the worst net productivity. We cover the most of earth's surface but have some of the most unusable land. The desert along with the tundra get less than 10 inches a day. Many deserts are found along the 30 degrees latitude north and 30 degrees latitude south. The desert biome is usually very barren and are usually just dunes of sand or ice.

Soil Quality

the quality of soil in the desert is awful. there isn't really any use for it since it's usually sandy or icy and then there isn't enough rainfall for stuff to grow well in the desert. most of the plants that grow in the desert don't rely on much water to survive.


Jerboas are hopping desert rodents that live in the Gobi desert. They were introduced accidently since they just hop around to different areas. they were not brought there intentionally.

Endangered species

This is a form of the Jerboa called the long eared jerboa. They are endangered due to their habitat being destroyed. hippco is used as a way to distinguish how endangered a species is.

The goitered gazelle has adapted to the desert by having swift strong legs to get up the sides of rocky faces in the desert

The bactrian camel has adapted to desert conditions because it doesn't require much water to survive and there isn't much water in the desert so they are able to survive.

the gobi bear has adapted to the desert by having big paws for good traction on the edges of dunes in the desert.

Bindweed is a common flowering plant found in the gobi desert. it uses the water that has been absorbed in the soil to grow so it doesn't require much rainfall to survive.

Saltwort is able to survive in the area of the gobi desert where most things cant survive because of the salt content. due to the heavy salt content in the ground the saltwort is one of the only plants that are able to grow.

Wild onions are able to grow because they just rely on the little bit of water that the desert gets.

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