Giraffes, Towering and Otherworldly, Are ‘Vulnerable’ to Extinction by Lauren pogostin

Summary: Giraffes, the world's tallest mammal, are slowly going distinct due to the loss of their habitat and illegal hunting. The overall population has decreased by 40% over the last 3 decades. Currently there are less than 100,000 alive.. There are 9 subspecies of giraffes: 5 of which are declining in population, 3 that are increasing, and 1 that is stable. Derek Lee, an ecologist, said that giraffes could greatly decline if no one does anything to help the animal.


Analysis: The decline of the giraffe population could be slowed by governments enforcing stricter hunting law against giraffes. However, stopping the destruction of their habitat is a much larger issue. In order to increase awareness of the seriousness of the giraffe population's decline, the signs in zoos will be changed. The public must be aware that giraffes are close to extinction if nothing is done.

Big Takeaway: I originally chose this article because I love giraffes. I find the animal fascinating due to its body shape. However, once I began to read the article I realized how serious the decline in population is. They could be extinct in just over 20 years. It's hard to image that giraffes could go extinct in my lifetime, but it is possible. Something must be done to protect these animals. I hope that these animals will begin to be protected more.


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