The weird things in the world

Male and Female chart

This chart shows that more girls took the quiz than boys. This also shows that 9 people took the quiz in total.

This question was can you curl your tongue

This graph shows the question "Can you curl your tongue" and this data is the exact thing I suspected Its says that 77.8 percent people said they could curl their tongue and that 22.2 percent said they can kind of do it. So that means that this is either fairly easy or that a lot of people can do this.

This is the question "Can you wiggle your ears?"

This question is "Can you wiggle your ears" and it shows that only one person can move their ears and that the rest said either I don't know or No. This data shows me that most people can not move or wiggle their ears.

This is the results of " Can you pop your thumb out of place"

This graph shows me that many people can't pop their thumb out of place but some of them can but not very much and only one person can really do it well

This graph says that no one can pop their shoulder out of place.

This is very although this is what I was expecting. No one can pop their shoulder out of place and that means the people surveyed in this survey are not very quirky.


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