Snow Squalls, Northern New Mexico Photography by: Daniel m. Seurer

A series of eastward moving low pressure systems crossed northern New Mexico in early February 2017, dumping much needed snow on the landscape. Newly fallen snow blanketed the Sandra Moutains, the Jemez Mountains and the the Chama River basin near Abiquiu. While the summer monsoons are dramatic, the winter snow squalls provide quiet beauty every bit as beautiful.

Sandia Mountains
Sandia Mountains
Chama River Valley Near Skuil Bridge
Ojito Canyon
Piedra Lumbre
Snow Squall over the Piedra Lumbre, Abiquiu
Mesa along Hwy 84. Ghost Ranch
Snow squalls over Piedra Lumbre
Holy Famlily Chapel, Black Mesa
Jemez Mountains
Jemez Mountains
Sangre de Christo Mountains
Pajarito Plateau
Pajarlto Plateau

Photography by Daniel M. Seurer. (www.danseurer.com). Daniel.seurer@me.com

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