Joseph Stalin By: Trevor Dubose

Early On

His dad was an alcoholic that beat him while he was very young. When he grew up, he read many books by a German Social Philosopher named Karl Marx. He was kicked out of high school for missing exams. He then became a political agitator and participated in demonstrations and strikes. He then became part of the support side of the Marxist Social group. He did bank heists and other criminal activities that led him to get arrested many times.

Rise to Power

In 1917 Bolshevik, or the communist party, took over the power of Russia. Lenin talked to Stalin and had told him that he should server on the first Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party, in early 1922. Vladimir Lenin became the leader of the Soviet Union and Stalin climbed his way up through all of the positions. In the late 1920's Stalin became the controller of the Communist Party because of Vladimir Lenin's death.

Stalin Leader of Soviet Union

In the early 1920’s Stalin launched the 5 year plan, to go from a peasant society to an industrial superpower society. The plan helped the government get control of the economy and farms. Many farmers didn't agree with the plan and were banished from their farms. Millions were starved and shot by the Soviet Union. Do to Stalins power over the government, because of the 5 year plan, he was able to eliminate who ever got in his way.

Slicing Europe Piece by Piece

Stalin's Salami Tactics

It was were Stalin over threw other governments, in other countries, by going one country at a time. He did this by holding several rigged elections in the countries. He did it little by little so that it wasn’t noticeable by the people in the Europe and the countries wouldn't notice that Communism was spreading. Stalin used this way to convert Albania, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and East Germany to Communism.

Berlin Blockade & Atomic Bomb

The blockade was the the soviets cutting off the railways and roads and other places so that the people in West Berlin could not receive supplies. This was Stalin’s idea he thought that it would lower the ability of France, Great Britain, and The United States to get to their sectors in Berlin. After Stalin was told about the U.S atomic bomb he made a decree to make it a top priority for the Soviet Union to make. Stalin and the Soviets making the Atomic Bomb was a big part of the Cold War.

Spies & Espionage

Stalin used spies to find out more about the atomic bomb from the Americans. He had spies find things to take back to Russia so that they could finish it first. Stalin told the citizens to spy on each other. Many people were sent to the Gulag System for labor camps and were killed because of the spying in Russia.


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