Monsignor Ronald P. Simeone Honoring #HeroPriests

Monsignor Ronald P. Simeone | Saint Anthony Church, Providence, RI

Submitted by: Marta Samek

Msgr. Simeone has kept the church open from the beginning of the pandemic to now, obeying all the laws and policies regarding the coronavirus. He has kept the church doors open for weekly masses as well as Sunday masses, and allowed his parishioners to attend confessions, adorations, as well as any weekly special intentioned masses for anyone. Msgr. Simeone has enforced the coronavirus’s safety precautions such as maintaining six feet distance when receiving the Body of Christ, mandatory masks in the church, hand sanitizers available near each bench, and benches marked with tape to ensure parishioners seat in those, keeping themselves and others safe while attending mass.

My family migrated from Poland, and St. Anthony’s was the first church I found. I have never felt more accepted, all thanks to Msgr. Simeone. I have known him for 23 years now, and never knew a more dedicating, hard working, compassionate priest than Msgr. Simeone. My family has started praying together more, and me and my family has learned to praise God every second of every day that we are able to attend church and receive the sacraments. What we do know is that we have this church open any time of day for us, and this has restored our faith in knowing that we will have Msgr. Simeone supporting us as we go through the uncertainties of this pandemic because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

When Msgr. Simeone was ordained to become a priest, he sacrificed his life to God and promised he will bring people closer to God and faith, no matter what obstacles stand in his way. He has always strived to make sure everyone in the faith community felt included in the church, whether it was their first time or for years. When the majority of churches were closed due to the coronavirus, Msgr. Simeone has served God and his parishioners from the start. He put his God and his people first, and has continued doing this to today.