Good Life Performance The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

I sat in the Mezzanine Center middle right.

The Spatial Experience: When I first walked up into the theather from the back, I'd compare it to walking up the ramp in to the Swamp, seeing the packed stadium, and getting the chills that run down your spine. We all filed in and my friend and I got lucky with a seat middle center right which is supposedly the best spot for audio and our right eye dominance. I imagine with a poorer seat your experience would be completely different. When the lights dimmed a wave of silence came over the audience. We all sat there in anticipation of what was next. We all thought the actors were going to appear on center stage but they came through the entrances that we walked through and walked through the audience. That definitely caught us off guard. I felt like the size was just right. It was big enough to house the parts of the freshman class but small enough to make it intimate. I think the role of place in the Good Life is up there in importance. Where and when you are at a place affects the quality of experience you have whether that be for better or for worse.

The Social Experience: Attending the performance with friends made the experience much better. Having strangers there was in a way fun too because we all kinda had this look in our eyes that said, "We'll get through this together. It's not going to be that long right?" I went with one of my best friends from home, Maddie, and had a great night. We got all dressed up like it was a play on Broadway just for the laughs then went to grab milkshakes after. When I think of shared experiences, I do not think of the experience itself, but of the times you retell them with friends. It's more than half the fun. Having someone to go through the ups and downs with you makes your life more bearable.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The performance made me understand the power the church had on many issues in society's past. I knew the church had problems with molestation and corruption but not to extent of blackmail to cover it up. In addition, I was surprised by the fact that they let those who committed intense sins become priest. I also drew a parallel with how the entertainment industry holds a lot of water in the past and present. All throughout the play Sarah knew that the theater was going to be packed no matter what happened. What they say becomes public opinion. I came in blind to the issues presented in the play but left filled with anger in a sense that there was injustice in the plot. During the scene where Talbot ripped up the confession I turned to my friend and expressed how furious I was. I was surprised that the play made me feel.

The Emotional Experience: I appreciate that the theater brings up issues that are taboo in our society. We need to be exposed to these problems sooner or later. Doing so in an environment that is fictional and based on hypothetical is prime. The issues brought up were provoking because they never come up in conversation. From child labor, molestation, to corruption we tend to shy away from talking about them. I appreciate that the play provided us with an opportunity of Karthasis but we cannot just accept being morally wrong because we are human. It is not an excuse to do whatever you desire. It goes both ways because it makes us look back on our faults and shortcomings and accept that they make us human. The theater attacks issues which the media would not dare look at.

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