The East Africa Drought (2011) Presented By: Jada Halsey

This Drought took place during july 2011 until mid 2102 and had massive affects on the entire region of East Africa. This drought was said to be " The worst in 60 years.."
Close to 24 million people in the region are facing critical and emergency food insecurity levels.
The lack of rain led to crop failure and widespread loss of livestock. Some areas loss up to about 40-60%, having an adverse affect on the economy.
Graph depicting the detrimental affects of this drought and hinting at a very long and forminable battle East Africa will face to get back on its feet.
Boy standing alone in an desolated area.

While the El Niño weather event can now be considered over, IGAD-ICPAC and global climate partners predict that the impact is likely to be felt through 2016 and into 2017.


Created By
Jada Halsey


Created with images by Oxfam East Africa - "Kulaley village"

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