Dust Of The Wind by: Mysterious V

Dust of the Wind

Point of view

All the years that Briona live in this world, she realized nothing will last forever, even love. In her state, she was inloved to the person who is been her closest friend in her college time. In their relationships, there were promises are broken, they'd forgive theirselves, a love that would not accept by others, facing a huge trials in their relationship, not giving up in their lives and to start again/ to start a new beginning or a chapter of her life.

She wrote a story about her love story, and all what she'd been through, she named this story as " Dust Of the wind"

" If you truly love a person you should face all the consequences in this world. Other believe love is sacrifice. If you love a person, you should sacrifice yourself."

# Inspired by a song " Dust of the Wind. " °-°

# A. Dust of the wind #

Chapter 1: The Beginning

The clock rings at 5:30 in the morning, I stood up and fix my bed. I took a bath, minutes passed by I changed my clothes and prepare my things.

--- tok tok tok, there was someone who knocked at my front door. I went down stairs to check it out. When I open the door, there was a letter that was left on the floor.

I pick it up and open it. When I know the letter was from my parents, I just left it on my table. And later on I ate my breakfast. After that, packed my things and go to school.

Since it was my first day of school in college in M.I.T. University with the course of Chemical Engineering, I was shy. I cover my face with my long brunette hair, and my eyes were underneath of m transparent eyeglasses. I was cofused of what way to go with lot of people were surrounding.

Atlast, I found the room I belong. I sat beside the window pane in the west of the classroom. I was thinking who will be my new friend in this big university, I was starring at the window pane, suddenly I herd a noise from the side of me. When I turn at my side, I saw a man. When I saw him, my sight was lighten by his sweet and handsome look. My heart beats fast, and chicks were blushing. I keep on starring at him,


" Hey what are you starring at? " he asked " Oh I am sorry, by the way I am Briona McDowell. " I replied politely. " Oh nice meeting you, I am Michael Swynford, from england. I belong to a royal family in England." He said that with a sweet smile. " Oh I see." I answered. He shaked hand with me, and it makes me blushed.

I starred at the window pane again. I thought on how he held and shaked my hand so gently. " Oh my gosh, Is this admiration. Are you kidding me? I never felt this way before." I speak up to myself.

Minutes passed by, our professor entered the room. We stood up and greet him a good morning and he do the same way. After that, we all sat down. One by one, my classmate introduced themselves, untilit was my time to introduce myself. I stood up, and went infront. Then I begun to speak. " I am Briona McDowell from Ireland. I am a daughter of a business man and a Governor. My mother is a Governor in our place in Ireland and my father is a business man. I was living alone in my apartment while my famiy is in Ireland. I like to composing something, reading, sketching. That's all thank you." After Introducing myself I go back to my sit.

When it was finished, our professor begun to discuss a one topic.

--Class dismissed-------

I went to my locker to get some things that I need. When I closed my locker, Michael was behind on it. " Oh it's you michael." I said " Umm, are you going to the canteen?" he asked " Yes, what's matter." I answered. " Can I go with you, in order for me to have someone to talk with." he said " Okay, I'm fine with that."

As we walked towards the canteen, I interrupt with a question " Hey, I wonder why I'm the one you want to be with?" I asked " I want you to be with, because you're the first person I talked with and I am quite shy to others.'' he replied " Why are you shy? Come on you are prince, you can't be shy to others." I prankly said that to him. He laughs and I begun to laugh too. We were both laughing in the way.

As we arrived in the canteen. We've talked too much about ourselves. " So Briona, you were composing something?" he asked " Yeah, I like composing something." I answered " So in that instances, we are the same." he said " oh, so you are also composing something." I asked " Yup" he replied. "Hey, I have a novel in eBook, would you read some of my novels?" I asked " I am fine with it, so what is the title of the story?" He said " Um mm, I have Forbidden love, which this story is about a love that cannot be. I love that should not be felt to the main characters, it is a love that is forbidden to happen." I replied " oh, that was awful and trilling." He said " I am glad you said that one." I replied. " I also have a novel, and it is titled as Threats." He said "Okay, I will read that in eBook." I reply. " Hey, I know it is weird, can I ask your number." He asked shamefully " Okay, give me you phone." I replied " Thank you" he said.

That day we've become friend.

At night, Michael send me a message.

" hey, what are you doing ?" " I am taking half bath, and change my clothes.?" I replied, " oh, hey, I red the first chapter of the story, it was really nice " he mocked " Thanks for that complement."

"He makes me blush all the time. He is kinda gentleman, although I want him, still I am not worth it for him. And does he felt the same way? Huh, how silly " I speak up in my mind.

––––– Michael was lying on his bed as well as me. Thinking of the same thing

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