WGPS Newsletter March 2021

Welcome Back

Welcome back to school!! It now feels like the children have never been away. It is wonderful to see them working so hard and engaging with their learning - Thank you parents for all of your hard work during the lockdown, it really has made a difference to how the children have been motivated in their learning this week!

World Book Day 2021

Our World Book day scarecrow event was a great success with over 107 scarecrows in our community, I hope you all enjoyed walking around to see them last weekend. I had a walk around with my granddaughter and I know a lot of our staff have also been on the trail over the weekend - they were amazing!!

Our Look North interview was aired last Thursday and it was great to see the children having so much fun!!

Scarecrow Hall of Fame!

We were amazed by all you scarecrow creations and loved every single one! Your creativity blew us away and made choosing our winners extremely hard. We would like to thank Worsborough Ward Alliance for their amazing donation of prizes, each winner has received a £10 book voucher to spend at The Book Vault in Barnsley. Not only did they provide vouchers for our at home winners, we also received vouchers for our in school scarecrows to spend on lots of new books for us to enjoy!

In Joint first - KS1 and Year 4, recieving an amazing £40 each.

Joint second - Y3 and Y1, winning £30 each to spend on some new books.

Third Y6 - £10 to spend on a new class book!

Here are our winners!!



Year 1 - Miss Chadaway

Year 1 - Miss Seymour

Year 2 - Miss Jackson

Year 2 - Mrs Hill

Year 3 - Miss Keen

Year 3 - Miss Upton

Year 4 - Miss Bowden

Year 4 - Mr Ford/Miss Tear

Year 5 - Miss Davies

Year 5 - Mrs Artley

Year 6 - Miss Ingham

Year 6 - Miss Maybury

Virtual Trip to Euro Disney

I hope everyone enjoyed the Virtual trip to Euro Disney on Friday 5th March. There was alot of learning about landmarks that you would pass on the journey in the morning with everyone being able to access virtual tours of Euro Disney in the afternoon, explore their Disney boxes and enjoy an icecream for the parade/ show at the end. We had posters/banners and pictures of Disney characters around school which all of the children enjoyed when they returned on Monday 8th March.

Mrs Binns was on National BBC breakfast news channel on Sunday 7th March and they were astounded by the events that we had completed and we had managed to involve everyone at home too!! Ward Green has definitely been in the news headlines letting our country know what a fantastic school and community we have.

The children turned their landmark work into a window display so that children from the others could walk around outside and learn even more!

TT Rockstars - Rock Down Relief UK competition

This competition starts on Friday 12th March until 18th March. Children have to access TT Rockstars between 9.30 and 3.30pm each day to collect points for their class. Their will be prizes for the highest score in each class as well as extra prizes for the top 3 scores across school - Come on everyone join in!!

Red Nose Day - Friday 19th March

Children can come dressed up on Red Nose Day in ANY costume that they would like. We would ask for donations of £1 per child which will be sent to the Red Nose Day charity - we unfortunately do not have any Red Nose Day merchandise in school this year.

Egg rolling Event - Friday 26th March 2021

We will be holding our annual egg rolling event on Friday 26th March 2021 - each child is asked to bring a hard boiled egg on the morning so that they can be decorated and then rolled in the afternoon.

There will be prizes for the best decorated egg in each class as well as for the egg in each class which rolls the furthest.

Enjoy the Easter break - we are on INSET MONDAY 12TH APRIL, The first day back for children is Tuesday 13th April 2021.


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