Turkey Marco maya hinojoza


Bordering The Blck Sea Between Bulgaria, And Georgia Bordering The Aegan Sea And The Miditerreanean Sea, Between Greece And Syria
Turkey Is In The Nothern And Eastern Hemishere In Asia
This Is Turkeys Capital City Ankara Its Coordinates 39.9334° N, 32.8597° E

Physical Characteristics

These Are Turkeys Physical Features. Turkey Has Big Mountains, Black Sea, High Central Platues, Rivers, and Straits.
Turkey Is In The Temperate Zone Because Its Hot And Cold all Year And Has Four Season's Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Turkey is Between The Tropic Of Cancer And The Arctic Circle.


Turkey's Population is 79.6 Million People So Its A Medium Country And Its Ranked Number 18 In Global Rankngs

Turkey's Population Density Is 271 People Per Square Mile. Its Not That Crowded And Is Ranked 110th

Turkey's Growth Rate Is 1.14% At An Average Speed And Turkey's Fertility Rate Is 2,08 Children Born Per Woman.

Turkey's largest country is istanbul with 14.8 million people and its a mega city. Turkey's 2nd Largest city is its capital city ankara with 4,6 million people. Turkey's 3rd largest city is izmir with 2,85 million people. Bursa is turkey's 4th largest city with 2.4 million people. Adana is turkey's 5th largest city with 1.6 million people.

Turkey Has A Net Migration of 0.46. People Are Leaving The Country More Than Entering The Country.


Turkey Is A Devoloped Country. Turkey's GDP Per Capita Is $22,000, Devoloped Countries Have GDP That Is $30,000, So Turkey Is Close To Having A High GDP As Devoloped Countries. There Life Expectancy Is 73.29 Years Which Is Also Close To The Acquired Life Expectancy 78 Years Which Devoloped Countries Have. There Literacy Rate Is 94.1% That's How Many People Can Read Or Write. This Literacy rate Is Close To 100% Which A Lot Of Devoloped Countries Have. Overall Tukey Is A Devoloped Country.


Turkey's Main Language Is Turkish. Turkey Also Knows Kurdish, Arable, Armenian, And Greek. Tukey's Main Religion Is Muslim.

One Of Turkey's Famous LandMarks Is The Hagia Sophia. The Hagia Sophia Is In Turkey's Largest City Istanbul. Hagia Sophia was Built in 532-537 Ce. It Is One Of Turkey's Attraction And Most Visited.
Soccer Is The Most Popular Sport In Turkey, But BasketBall, Volleyball, Handball, Track And Field Are Also Popular In Turkey.


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