"I like to give the feeling that you could touch the subject" Artist Jacqueline Todd tells Newburytoday how she likes to create pictures with character and expression

Jacqueline Todd

Jacqueline is a self-taught artist from Thatcham who has recently started doing commissions and exhibitions in the local area.

She paints anything from aircraft to apples - whatever people would like.


"Most of the time my medium of choice is coloured pencils, but I do like to free up the arm and paint in oils, which gives a more instant result and can produce lovely creamy textures, particularly with animals," Jacqueline explains.

"Techniques are something that can be learned, but as you progress you find your own way of doing things; of course there are rules but artistic licence is there to help.

"My philosophy behind the paintings is to create something that has character and expression with lots of depth and colour.

"I'm very aware to make the subject pop from the canvas or paper and give the feeling that you could actually touch the subject."