Should Alexander the great be on the next coin ? By :MYla Balls:

Alexander the great did many thgings for the greeks. Alex always wanted to be in power so the day that it happened he took charge. Alex was always fighting for land, supplies and extra. He had always needed more space because the more they concurred DIFFERENT states the more people joined him . oF legends of the helmets he risk his life for water he DIDN'T Save the Water either there WASN'T enough for his soldiers so He trew it and then nobody got 1 sip. The hat band iS about ohow a man Had the Hat and the hat was wet ... than he swam all the way to the king and Because he did that the REWARD to the man was a 10,000 dollar reward. Alex was really smart because he had a map and its not just any map a map with all his routes and hide outs and its only for his SOLDIERS he always had a killing spree technically but he should be put on the new the new coin because of all the wars. So i think that he should go on the coin!

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