Good Life Performance: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Chris JImenez

The physical setting of the theater was a very dark setting when entering the theater itself. The opening scene began in a very dreary setting with old beds lined up and a large window with dark colors shining through. I was toward the front for the play and it made it easier to see the facial expressions of the actors. When the play began and people began to quiet the play then started quickly with some the actors playing behind me to the sides of the stage. The size of the auditorium was a little small compared to what I expected, but that allowed for everyone to see the actors completely and get the full experience.

Attending the play with friends was a good experience because we got some food and hung out before going. Getting there early also allowed us to get good seats for the play and have a good viewing experience. Going with friends let us ask questions to each other if someone was confused with the plot or missed something others saw. Sharing the experiences is great to enhance the relationships with others and make the experience that more enjoyable.

The performance showed our culture prior to a law disallowing child labor, especially in sweat shops before the law was passed where kids were dying and grueling for low wages. The time frame of the play was in Canada prior to a child labor being passed there. The other issue discussed was the relationship between the church and society, showing a different view of how the two conflict. The experience didn't really change my views as I was already aware of the sweat shops and the relationships between religion and the world.

The theater, and especially in this performance showed real situations that may seem gruesome to some of the viewers if the play were expressed in a wilder fashion. Showing something like the horror of sweat shops and the fact that in some countries there are no laws that don't protect people from over work and work at a young age. To some extent theater, as exemplified by this play can expose some of the issues in society to show to the world.

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