Test Post Testing Out How Things Work

Testing Testing

Ever wonder how things work. I do. All . of . the . time! I cannot contain my curiosity and feel the need to explore every facet that I find. I view it as exploring space - vast, deep and beautiful. This language is just here to hold space for now, because I am doing just that testing out a theory.

So grab your cup of coffee, pull up a chair and let us see where this adventure brings us.

Testing Fun

I am exploring new methods of possible web pages or blog posts that can be uniquely my style and have a more contemporary creative feel to them. I am not sure if this is it, but I think I have stumbled onto something. Again, I am just feeding text here to do the testing that I need to do to fully explore.

Life needs a little bit of testing here and there. Since I have decided to embark on a different journey in life and it has taken literally a year and a half to get my rear in gear, so to speak - I just wanted to have something that really feels like me.

Sitting in frozen has its purpose, so as long as you remember to get up.

This is definitely from my past where a stable job afforded complacency in life. I did not strive for anything except the next battle. Still - RIFT is my all time favorite game - well, behind Star Wars Galaxies, which sadly is no more.

We always need to focus on our passions. Passions will naturally bring us the things in life we desire.

Freedom to be your unique self - it is here and now. Do not buy into the illusion for that is slave mentality. Remember always, you have choices.

It starts with one small step and grows a little bit everyday. Nurture this in yourself. Watch your ultimate creation grow and be grateful. Say thank you. You never did this alone.

Apply that knowledge you have discovered from all of your adventures. This is when knowledge becomes WISDOM. The sweetest and most satisfying life experience that exists.

And So It Ends

A lovely test concluded. A small website or page or blog post just created out of no where simply to test out an idea. I love life.

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Janice Sanborn


Created with images by Matthew Sleeper - "The adventure begins" • Jason Wong - "Cappuccino on a saucer" • Nick Fewings - "Never a truer word spoken about both work and life in general. I saw this sign at a Thai Festival held annually in Poole, Dorset, UK" • Svyatoslav Romanov - "untitled image" • Tom Ezzatkhah - "untitled image" • Jeremy Bishop - "Finding my roots"