15 In canada By: Chase Weynand

Maple syrup, waffles, and blueberries are all commonly eaten in Canada. Blueberries are also the largest export.

15 year olds all eat doughnuts, maple syrup, and waffles. Some work on farms, harvesting blueberries or other crops.

Canadian students learn many languages, including...

French, as Canada is a bilingual country, and

English, as England was a main settler.

Canada scores 4th in overall schooling, and 70% of people expect to go to college.

Being 15 in Canada can be incredibly delicious, along with the multitude of schools, and sports.

One struggle in Canada is that sometimes the Tim Horton's is closed, or all the doughnuts are gone.
This is terrible because most students have sports, or other activities after school.
If they cannot get their double-double or doughnut, then they could fall asleep! Tim’s are usually open 24/7, however over holidays they shorten their hours, so it can be rough. The double-double is the most popular coffee from Tim’s, and as such it even is in the dictionary. So this coffee is very important to the Canadians. If it were to go away, life in Canada would slow immensely.
The Canadians have it rough. When there is no coffee, no doughnuts, no maple syrup, or no bacon, life is hard, cold, and lonely.

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Chase Weynand


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