Celebrating 150 Years in Canada Jeevan Sandhu

Canadian Healthcare

Canadian Healthcare Canada's healthcare system is a health insurance plan that provides coverage to all Canadian citizens. It is publicly funded and administered on a provincial or territorial basis, within guidelines set by the federal government (Canadian Healthcare). The Government supports its citizens with health insurance but some procedures may need private insurance. The private insurance companies cover prescription medications, dental care, physiotherapy, ambulance services, prescription eyeglasses among other healthcare related services. (Government of Canada). To receive medical attention, residents need a special card called the Health Insurance Card. (Government of Canada). The Canadian Healthcare system is supported by the taxes that citizens of Canada pay. The taxes go towards developing a better standard of healthcare. Approximately 85.1% of the residents in Canada take advantage of the publicly funded healthcare system. (Statistics Canada). 18.1% of Canadians are smokers which puts pressure on the medical system. (Statistics Canada).

Canadian Healthcare is an important aspect of Canada's tradition. The taxes we pay benefit residents all over Canada. Taxes are paid to the Government of Canada. Then the Canadian Government decides where money is needed. The money can go towards developing better highways, roads, community centres, supporting social benefit programs, the healthcare system, etc. In other countries that do not have public healthcare, the standard of living can be lower. In these countries citizens are not equally given these advantages to live better. Therefore, I believe that a public healthcare system benefits all citizens regardless of race, sex, and earning capacity. Canadians should be thankful for our universal healthcare.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a contact sport played on ice, usually in a recreational rink or outdoors. There are 2 teams who skate using sticks to shoot a rubber puck into the opponents net to score goals. (The Canadian Encyclopedia). The professional leagues for ice hockey play up to 60 minutes in a game. It is split into 3 periods with 20 minutes in each period. Meanwhile youth leagues play around 40 minutes because teens and children don't have enough energy and stamina to continue throughout the 60 minutes. The most professional league in the world is recognized as the NHL (National Hockey League). An average ice hockey player in the NHL makes approximately 2.4 million U.S. dollars. (Glass and Out). Ice hockey is a very hazardous sport. Players will need elite equipment to protect them. The players wear helmets, shoulder pads, shin pads, hockey pants, elbow pads, neck guard, and skates. (The Canadian Encyclopedia). Woman's Hockey in Canada is also very successful as well. In 1991-92, 40% of hockey registration in Canada were women. (Hockey Canada). However in 2009-10, the registration of woman's hockey dropped to 1% in Canada. (Hockey Canada). Hockey is a very expensive sport. It is the more expensive than basketball, soccer, tennis and football. The average cost for gear in ice hockey is 740$. (CBC News) Some parents cannot afford this sport due to the cost. Companies similar to Canadian Tire started donation programs for families that can not afford to play hockey.

Some people say hockey is a dying sport all over the world. The only countries that are competitive against Team Canada are the United States, Sweden and Russia. The majority of children play sports like basketball and soccer because they are popular all over the world and many role models encourage them to play. But as Canadians, we should encourage others to play our sport. We are the best in the world and we don't want that taken from us. We want to remain good at this sport because it is Canada's tradition. In the past we have been dominating competitions by retrieving 1st place in various tournaments. Countries like the USA have the best basketball and football players in the world, and people all over the world recognize that USA is the best at those sports. I want others to think the same for our sport that Canada loves. Hockey!


Immigration is a movement of people from one country to another. The people that migrate over to the country are called immigrants. Immigrants face many challenges settling into new homes. (Reference). After immigrating into a country, you need to have the appropriate paperwork for Canada. Such as an Entry/Resident Visa, the government needs this document to figure out the reason of entry into the country. Another important piece of paperwork is the Permanent Resident Status Card. This allows officers to analyze if the immigrant is authorized to work and live in Canada (Martucci). 1 out of 5 people in Canada are foreign nationals, which means they are born in a different country. There are approximately 6,775,800 immigrants. That is 20.6% of our population in Canada. (Census Program). The first people people to immigrate to Canada were the Europeans who settled in what we now call Nova-Scotia. (Government of Canada). Most immigrants came from United Kingdom to come settle in Canada. 606,000 immigrants come from United Kingdom, that is 11% of the immigrants that came from all over the world in 2011. (Government of Canada).

Immigration is very important to my family and I. If immigration was banned, most of us would not be in Canada. This is because my grandfather and grandmother came into Canada in 1972. As a result, my father was born here in 1975. Luckily, Pierre Elliott Trudeau allowed entry of immigrants from countries all over the world. They came here because they wanted a better standard of life. At the time, Canada was a better country to live in compared to India because the country was stabilized and had a democratic government. Canadians should care about immigration because it raises our population. Later on in life, we will have more of a variety of shops and stores. Such as Indian restaurants, museums that portray the history of countries or even ethnic food stores. The immigrants bring over culture and tradition.

These three topics in Canada give me the most interest. They portray Canada's traits to the world and gives others a perspective of what happens in our amazing country. Oh Canada!

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