A Week of Celebration - Big and Small A photo essay by Mackenzie Wright

Zoe Podjenski, Allie Sheibal. And Julia Tripp pose for a picture.

Monday was a spirit dress down day. It took some time to get a serious photo but we eventually got one.

Zoe Podjenski uses Molly Vincent’s should to add the finishing touches to her card.

On Tuesday students made Valentines cards children in the hospital. Everyone wanted to cheer up the children so they made sure their cards were perfect

Zoe Podjenski’s sweatshirt made a very symmetrical photo.

Thursday was a college dress down day. Many people went with Nebraska themed clothes

Golden brown pancakes with a good amount of syrup.

Friday was packed with events. First there was a pancake lunch which seemed to fill up the dinning hall with students.

A photo of the actual Mighty Macs team.

Then we watched “Mighty Macs” which is a movie about powerful women and working hard to achieve your goals.

The stage for the concert .

Later that night the Show Chior put the One Sweet Concert.

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