Chapters 18-20 Cavion Henderson and Natori Hayes

Summary Chapter 18:

In Which We Make a Stop in New Orleans and Gonzo Refuses to Eat Fish, Annoying the Crap out of Me and Our Waitress

Cam lets an old lady make small talk with him on the bus ride, and she hands him a matchbook from the Horn and Ivory Club—the same place Eubie told him about, where Junior Webster played.

When they get to New Orleans they're starving, so they stop at one of the first diners they see, which is packed because it's Fat Tuesday.

When it comes time to order, Gonzo is panicked; he's never eaten seafood because of potential allergies or mercury content, and he won't eat the salad bar because of listeria—so he ends up ordering a grilled cheese.

The French Quarter is nuts. The parade is full of all kinds of crazy, but one float in particular stands out to Cam. It has two gates, one white and the other gray with a horn on it, and some dude named Morpheus is waxing philosophical.

Summary Chapter 19

Their quest to find the jazz club takes the boys into a very bad neighborhood.

They are running from some hoodlums (who may or may not be after them), when a gorgeous, tall drag queen steps out for a smoke and asks them for a light. She asks the boys what they're doing in such a bad place; when she finds out they're headed for the Horn and Ivory to see Junior, she's intrigued.

Miss Demeanor decides she's going to help them see Junior. (Wait… Didn't Eubie say he's dead?)

She leads them down a small alley to a gate that looks exactly like the float that caught Cam's attention at the parade.

There's a bouncer at the door who gives them trouble until Miss D shows him the matchbook. Then they're in.

This club is really well hidden, and they have to go down hallways, through kitchens, and even a small tunnel before they're actually there.

Cam decides the matchbook from the Horn and Ivory is a sign, so that's their next stop.

Then the Wizard plays a note that makes the club explode.

Just as Cam feels searing pain, he hears Glory's voice telling him he'll be okay. Huh. That's… odd.

Miss D helps Gonzo and Cam escape the burning club and then the boys discuss their next move over beignets and coffee.

A homeless man asks for a dollar and gives them the helpful information that they need: The angels live in the cemeteries, and this is where you go to bury things. Bam. Cryptic but effective.

Summary Chapter 20

The boys take the Canal Street car all the way to the end of the line, like the homeless guy told them to, only to find that there are three cemeteries there. Hrm… Which one to bury the glasses in?

Turns out one of them is called Cyprus Grove, just like the Junior Webster album. Guess this is the cemetery they're looking for.

While Gonzo is goofing around taking selfies with some German tourists, Cam has to figure out which angel he's supposed to bury the glasses under.

Dulcie shows up, and Cam figures she's as good an angel as any.

Nothing happens for a few minutes, so Cam gets up in a huff to storm away because of how stupid he feels. In his exit, though, he trips over a rock that is holding down a scrap of today's newspaper.

It's from the classifieds, and there's a bunch of seemingly random info on it—photos of the lost Copenhagen Interpretation band, an ad for Valhalla yard gnomes, someone offering a spot in their car on the way to the YA! Party House, and a hiring ad for United Snow Globe Wholesalers.

Down at the bottom of the page is a tiny illustrated ad for the Roadrunner Bus Company along with their tagline, follow the feather. The wind blows the paper from Cam's hands so he's just left holding a scrap with the words "to live" written on it. Deep stuff, yo.

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