4 Ways to Optimize your Workflow 5 Tips for Online Producers to Improve and Speed up your Workflow

When you're first getting started producing music and posting it online you may notice that basic tasks may be taking longer than you'd expect. Plus, if you work full or part time or go to school you need to make the most out of every free moment you have. I'd like to offer you a few tips that I WISH I would have know about when I got started.

Schedule Your Content Releases.

There's a good chance the websites that you use to post your content allows you upload content and select a future date and time to release it. Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and Beat Stars are among the few sites I know that allow you to do this. If you finish 2 to 3 beats every week you should stock pile content for a few weeks so that you have enough content to stay ahead of schedule. Select a 1-3 days out of the week to release content on and STICK TO THAT SCHEDULE, consistency is the name of the game so make sure you keep content flowing. There's a ton more info online about scheduling your content releases, I'd start on youtube and google so that you can find a walk through just in case you're not familiar with how to do it.


You might be confused about this topic depending on what point you're at right now so I'll explain the what, where and the where. I you're making beats and putting music online then chances are you're uploading to youtube. You'll need some nice looking cover art for you're music to intrigue viewers and increase the chances your content will be viewed or listened to. If you're not proficient in video and photo editing software you may struggle with things like picture and video quality which will most likely make your views and listens suffer. There are tons of templates for Youtube, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and more. Templates are awesome because you can get videos and other content out faster. Once you find a dope template stick with it so that you can begin to increase brand awareness. Once you start using Templates you'll notice how much faster you're able to release content.

Sound Loops and Midi Files

First off, I know loops and midi files are sometime frowned upon in the producer community but hear me out for a second. When I get beat block, I sometimes load up a loop or midi/sample file into my daw to help me get started. Try adding a sample/midi file and build a beat around it and once you finish it take the sample or loop out and listen to the beat. This really does work and you may need to take advantage of this technique if you haven't already. If you have reserves about using "helpers" like these I would recommend making some changes to make it more unique, try shifting the pitch or hoping the file up and rearranging it. You'll be amazed at how fast you can put a beat together when you build around a sample.

SEO Tools

If you're like me, you struggle with understanding SEO. Guess what? You don't have to fully understand it to do it properly. You can have to dopest content online and it won't matter if people can't find your videos. There are many FREE and paid helpers available to help you with SEO when it comes to tags and keywords. SEO is a very meticulous topic and I want to keep things simple in this post so I'll help get you started with a few links to websites that help me out with SEO.

I hope this information helps you become more efficient and I'm going to post a few links to some tools that should help you get started. Thanks for checking out my content, check back for more content here: https://www.lefbeatz.com/blog

Youtube Keyword Tool: https://keywordtool.io/youtube

VidIQ (an add on to google chrome): https://goo.gl/Wy9bSP

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