CWC HIGH SCHOOL Happy New Year!!!

Hello parents!

Our High School ministry (grades 9-12), is a place where teenagers can explore their faith and find a community of peers and leaders to walk alongside during the best (and worst) parts of their high school years.

Our ugly sweater party was Awesome and so Hilarious! We danced, ate cookies, and opened presents. There was a whole lot of laughing! These are my favorite people ever to hang out with!

The high school years — freshman to senior — are when your students will learn that church can be fun and transformative at the same time. Our heart is to make the CWC High School the kind of place where no one stands alone. Your students are welcome to come exactly as they are!

We have a lot of fun over in the Youth Building. We play games, drink coffee, and laugh a lot, but we also like digging deep into the word of God!

We are currently going through the book of Luke. I preach verse by verse through the Bible. I encourage you... to encourage your students to read ahead and know where we are at. I have been challenging the students to really make their faith their own... To know Jesus for themselves.... and to live into the Epic Life that I believe He is calling each one of us to live.

This has been a Crazy month! If I had to describe what God has been doing this month in one word it would be... "RELATIONSHIPS"

Christmas Caroling Was A Blast! This is is just a taste of what we did and the video is dark, but it is still awesome! Check it out!!!

God is doing Awesome things in our Youth Group! We are truly becoming like iron on iron for one another. Able to laugh and goof off with each other, but also able to have genuine conversations about hard things going on in each others lives.

Did you know that 80% of teens who grew up in the church walk away from their faith by the time they get through college. Could it be because their faith was never truly their own?

I believe that now is the time for your students to make their faith their own. Parents, no longer can your students survive off of your faith. It is time that they experience Jesus for themselves!

I challenge you, parents, to get your high school students here! No matter what it takes! We meet at 10:00am every Sunday morning. We are now also meeting at 6:00pm every Saturday night!

I remember my dad once told me... "Find where God is moving and go be a part of it!" I challenge you... to challenge your kids with the same thing now. God is moving in our Youth group. Do whatever you can to help your students to be a part of what He is doing here!

Free Pie!!! After Youth Group We Sometimes Like To Get Free Pie At Village Inn! #goodtimes

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me here at the church. The phone number is: 719-632-3311 and my personal email is

If you want to know more about our youth group check out our web page by clicking Here. Or by checking out our Facebook page Here.

May God bless you big time! - Pastor Conor Craft.

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Conor Craft


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