Just Make Your Dreams True The Keys of Making good Presentations

The First Point On Making Good Presentations Is Too Have Good Photos, Because One Photo Can Say Hundreds Of Words

Another Key In Making Good Presentations: Is Not To Be On Your Marks, Neither Ready, Just On Go

Another Tip: To Have A Few Jokes In Between So That The Audience Don't Lose Focus Or So That The Audience Gets More Attracted To The Topic That You Are Talking About

I love this joke, what about you? Please like and comment after.

Also You Need To Know Your Info By Memory So If The Audience Asks A Question That Is Not On The Presentation, You Don't Freak Out "It Has Happened To Me"

When You Are Talking, Talk Normally, As You Would Talk To Another Person In A Normal Situation. You Just Don't Need To Follow Exactly Was Is On The Presentation (The Presentation Is Just There To Help)

Ted Talks, It Is Very Recommended To Watch The Ted Talks And Learn From Them. They Present Very Well.

Maybe Another Tip: It Is Hard To Present So You Usually Stress-out, But You Don´t Need To Show This To The Audience, So Act Confident Even Do You Are Very Nervous In The Inside. This Will Improve Your Image By A Lot.

Also Practice Makes Perfect, So Practice Before The Presentation

Also If You Can, To Do Presentation Recap Or Conclusion. This Will Help Your Audience To Assimilate The Info

The Final Tip: Just Take The Spotlight
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