Ralph Chandler Middle School Library January-February Report - 2018

The report for January and February will deceptively appear to be less active than usual; however, these two months have seen enormous pivotal efforts in aligning the RCMS print and digital collection with the SC Department of Education document Achieving Exemplary Libraries: Program Standards for South Carolina's School Libraries. January 9, 2018, saw the distribution of collection analyses, from Dr. Charlotte McDavid (GCS Executive Director for Academic Innovation and Technology), for advocacy purposes and a jumping off point for library collection development. This RCMS analysis illustrated some glaring weaknesses in the average age of our print resources. Work began, in earnest, to mitigate these weaknesses. Included in this work was: a hard weed of 937 titles, in six critical need areas (technology, geography/travel, science, political science, economics); the addition of 2,361 eBook/audiobook records to the Follett Destiny catalog; and the purchase/addition of Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks and Follett Lightbox titles of newer publication dates. Subsequent internal analyses show a measure of improvement, particularly in the sciences, but significant weeding and additional purchases are required to meet the standards for an exemplary school library. Also, ongoing efforts at ensuring all advisory faculty are digitally certified teachers contine as a precursor to renewing our school's digital citizenship credentialing from Common Sense Media. Topping off these issues are "refresh" of our school's technology for instructors and administrators and continuing oversight of 1:1 personalized learning devices. The RCMS Makerspace is also a priority each month as progress continues with STEAM (particularly green screen technology and developing coding skills) and SC College and Career Readiness standards. New ventures include bibliotherapy, LibGuides upgrade to V2 server, and disciplinary literacy.

Note the average age of our collection is 2007. Recommended age is no more than 10 years from current date.*
Note average number of titles per student is 13.58. Recommended number is 15+ titles per student.*
Note 86.18% are age sensitive titles, and will require weeding of aged titles and purchase of newer titles. Recommendations are seen below:
*These comparisons above are from the first collection analysis done by Dr. McDavid and before our hard weed and addition of over 2,000 titles. Another formal comparison will be completed by Dr. McDavid at the end of 2017-2018 school year.
After a hard weed of the critical areas and the addition of eBo0k and audiobook titles, the overall averge age is 2008, and the ratio of titles to students is 15.5, which places Ralph Chandler just inside the exemplary category. However, the average age of our Dewey categories is woefully below the recommendations, and there is much more weeding to be done. The stringent weeding, will however, put us well below the recommeded titles per student. Therefore, significant funds will be needed to purchase books, both print and digital, to meet the number of recommended titles per student. We also will be working on the balance between fiction and nonfiction, print and digital titles.


At Ralph Chandler Middle School Library, our goal is to ensure that learners leave here as competent, critical, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information. It is our mission to prepare lifelong learners; information literate young people able to determine their information needs, recognize and utilize relevant and credible resources, while evolving into impassioned readers. We seek to underscore the profile of a South Carolina graduate by encouraging students to be creative, innovative, collaborative, self-directed critical thinkers, who become adept at problem solving and who attain a global perspective.


OverDrive eBook/Audiobook Usage Statistics for January, 2018. RCMS consistently shows well.
Flipster Electronic Magazine Usage


Woefully under reported...We have minimum of 50 students a day who come before school. They use a pass system with no requirement to sign in on the computer system. Classes do not have to sign in.
Woefully under reported...We have minimum of 50 students a day who come before school. They use a pass system with no requirement to sign in on the computer system. Classes do not have to sign in.

01/09 - Carter (3,4) - Kumihimo 3D Printed Loom - Japanese Textile Studies

01/10 - Grant (1) - Testing

01/10 - Carter (3,4) - Kumihimo 3D Printed Loom - Japanese Textile Studies

01/11 - Barnes (3,4) - Book Tastings

01/12 - Ritchie (3,4,5,6) - Book Tastings

01/12 - LaGro (3,4,5,6) - Book Tastings

01/12 - LaGro/Ritchie (Advisory) - Remix, Reuse, Rework - Digital Citizenship Lesson via Nearpod

02/07 - C. Workman - ESOL Testing

02/08 - C. Workman - ESOL Testing

02/09 - 8th Grade ELA - Book Trailer Projects

02/13 - Penninger/Stills - 6th Grade Book Checkouts

02/14 - Going/Berkeley/Randall - 7th Grade Book Checkouts

02/14 - 8th Grade ELA - Green Screen Projects

02/15 - 8th Grade ELA - Green Screen Projects

02/15 - Miles/Sondov - 8th Grade Book Checkouts

02/28 - 8th Grade Lunchtime Book Club

RCMS Library Google Calendar - January, 2018
RCMS Library Google Calendar - February, 2018


01/09 - Carter (3,4) - Kumihimo 3D Printing and Japanese Textile Studies for 6th Grade Art

01/10 - Carter (3,4,) - Kumihimo 3D Printing and Japanese Textile Studies for 6th Grade Art


01/12 - Ritchie/LaGro/Barnes - LibGuide Antebellum Culture LibGuide -https://greenvilleschools.libguides.com/c.php?g=787057&p=5635662

NEW! LibGuides on the V2 Server. Lots of new features coming!
The Smithsonian Institute provides great materials on primary source analysis. In this case, artifacts.
Carefully curated, credible and authoritative resources from DISCUS, South Carolina's Digital Library. Customized and chosen for this specific Antebellum project in 8th Grade ELA.
Important to Note: 510 view of carefully curated resources on the Antebellum Period in U.S. History AND 124 DISCUS Database Articles Accessed.



Scholastic's Theme for Winter Book Fair, 2018
6th Grade Teachers are so fun!!!
Teacher Preview Party, Winter Book Fair, 2018


02/12 - Mrs. Walton - LibGuides - Wade Hampton High School


Ms. Ritchie and Ms. LaGro teach 8th grade digital citizenship lesson on respecting the intellectual and creative property rights using Nearpod! A great and engaging way to help students understand content standard: Quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation.
Ms. LaGro guiding students through a Nearpod Common Sense Media digital citizenship lesson. Students explore the concept of fair use, apply it to case studies, and create an original work of fair use. Students learn how to judge whether something is protected by fair use by using the "Four Points of Fair Use Student Handout". They apply the four points of fair use to two case studies, a remixed video and a mashup song, to judge whether or not they fall under fair use. Students then create an original work of fair use by reworking copyrighted material to create a collage or a remix video.
Working to get all RCMS Advisory Teachers certified as a Common Sense Media Digitally Certified Educator. This will enable our school to renew its credentials as a Digitally Certified School!
Block coding the Ozobot.
Block coding the Sphero Sprk, Green Screen Projects, Beginning block coding.


Chromebook Repair/Maintenance/Tracking/Statistics/Reports

Fixed Assets

TAC (Technical Assistance Coordinator)

RCMS School Homepage

RCMS Facebook

RCMS Twitter

Digital Citizenship

Baby Shower for Mr. Goff

Faculty Meeting 02/21 - Book Session: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

Migration of LibGuides from V1 Server to V2 Server, Cleanup Processes

8th Grade Lunchtime Book Club

8th Grade Lunchtime Book Club Discussing Wolf by Wolf


Circulation Total 1898 (389 of which were equipment/Chromebook checkouts)

OverDrive Checkouts 1o7 (January) - always in the top ten of all middle schools in Greenville County

10/78 Class Periods Visited (fewer open days/snow days/book fair) = 12.8 % of open class spaces (January)

27 of 96 Class Visits (book fair, holiday, ESOL testing, work day, collection development project/weeding) = 28% of open class spaces (February)

Collaborated with 15 Classes and 4 Teachers = 10%

510 Views/Times Accessed - Ante-bellum/Civil War LibGuide, includes 124 DISCUS article retrievals - emphasizes SCCCRS standard - Support claim(s) with logical reasoning and relevant evidence, using accurate, credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text. Emphasizes AASL standards: Evaluate information found in selected sources on the basis of accuracy, validity, appropriateness for needs, importance, and social and cultural context; Respect copyright/intellectual property rights of creators and producers; Use information and technology ethically and responsibly.

Highlights were:

A very successful launch of using 3D printing in a class with the Art Loom Project of Japanese Kumihimo.

We held our Scholastic Book Fair for second semester and netted $600. I am considering eliminating our second book fair next year. This is something that other librarians in the district are considering as well. Follett is experimenting with Book Fairs around the country. As part of the Book Fair, we hosted a teacher preview party with refreshments for all the faculty and staff.

I completed a collection analysis to see where we were in comparison to the analysis shown in the chart above (by Dr. McDavid). I did a very stringent weed of 937 titles, in six critical need areas (technology, geography/travel, science, political science, economics); with the assistance of Ms. Cornish, there was the addition of 2,361 eBook/audiobook records to the Follett Destiny catalog; and the purchase/addition of Gale Virtual Reference Library eBooks and Follett Lightbox titles of newer publication dates rounded out improvement efforts at this juncture. Average age of the collection is 2008, and we have 15.5 books per student.

Since Destiny Discover became fully operational this year, I have been wanting to follow through completely on the new format of our Follett Cataloging and Circulation system that set Destiny Discover as the default page. This uses a universal or federated search approach whereby a user conducting a search in the catalog will see "ribbons" for print books, then genres, then eBooks, then audiobooks, then DISCUS database content, then specially curated "collections" of related content. The intent is to provide a "one-stop shop" when searching a topic in the catalog. This is now in place, and it replicates libraries following best practices all over the country even into college libraries.

"Ribbons" of Destiny Discover

8th Grade Book Club - Emphasizes SCCCRS standard - Read independently and comprehend a variety of texts for the purposes of reading for enjoyment, acquiring new learning, and building stamina; reflect on and respond to increasingly complex text over time. Emphasizes AASL standard: Read, view, and listen for pleasure and personal growth; Read widely and fluently to make connections with self, the world, and previous reading; Respond to literature and creative expressions of ideas in various formats and genres; Show an appreciation for literature by electing to read for pleasure and expressing an interest in various literary genres.

1 hour of PD with LibGuides workshop at Wade Hampton HS

Coming Up: PD for Digital Citizenship Educator Certification, Launch of classroom content using Makerspace materials (much easier now that we FINALLY have a generic email account for the library); Museum on the Move for 7th grade Industrial Revolution visit; 6th and 7th grade book clubs, Bagels and Books on March 6; Greenville Credit Union visit for 6th grade math; LEAD Leadership Workshop in Columbia on March 8; South Carolina Association of School Librarians Conference in Downtown Greenville on March 14-16; Multitude of new LibGuide PD: Build a LibGuide/Adding CSS/Customize LibGuide Templates/LibChat/LibGuide Look and Feel/Accessibility with LibGuides/Storage and Reusable Content with LibGuides/Widgets with LibGuides; 8th Grade Book Trailers with augmented reality in the library; Individual meetings with boys at risk - for readers' advisory; Begin work on SCASL Conference volunteer efforts with Table Committee; Complete all purchasing of books/Makerspace materials from district funds.

Ms. Cornish and Mrs. Walton
Created By
Candace Walton


Candace Walton and Suzette Cornish

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