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Brotherhood is a difficult concept to put into words. It's a never ending bond like no other, one that will be imbedded within your life whether you like it or not. It can be a beautiful thing, and it can be a rather frustrating thing. Brotherhood has to be maintained. Constantly. For the rest of your life. My experience with having two brothers makes me quite a reliable source. The relationship I share with my brothers is interesting.... it is rather competitive, but at the same time very loving. With our ages being split up quite evenly with one brother at 13, one at 17, and one at 19, I find this to be nice because we each have a sort of mirror image of ourselves that we can look up to and rely on to set a good example. I find there to be a lot of competition and “survival of the fittest” type living. Every one of us wants to impress the other and be the best at every single thing possible. It is quite entertaining to think about. But in the end obviously we are family and we love each other like “brothers” and the bond we share and continue to expand will leave an everlasting impression on ourselves.

The podcast I listened to focused on a torn brotherhood that was being resurrected in the later years of the brothers lives. It was interesting to listen to because it is not something I have or would ever like to experience but it was interesting to see how brotherhood never goes away even if you have differences it is truly a life long relationship.


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