Barbara Park By: Reigan lawrence


barbara lynne tidswell was born on april 21, 1947. she was born in mount holly, new jersey. she lived with her mom, dad, and older brother brooke who was 2 years older. barbara moved to alabama for college at the university of alabama, where she met her husband. barbara married richard a. park in 1969. they moved to arizona where they had two sons named steven and david. barbara also has two grandsons named cal and nate. barbara passed away on november 15, 2013 from ovarian cancer.

Adobe Spark Video: Question and Answer with Barbara Park

Barbara Park's books:

The Kid in the Red Jacket: Howard, a ten year old, has to move with his family to a new state far away from where he used to live. He has to get used to living in a new place, going to a new school, and dealing with his six year old neighbor Molly. Although she may not be his first choice, he can't pass up on making friends in this new place.
Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine revolves around Junie B. trying to find out who her secret admirer is after she receives a big Valentine's Day card.
Junie B. loses her mittens in Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook and when she goes to look for them in the Lost & Found, she instead finds a pen that she thinks is neat. She struggles with the decision of whether or not she should get to keep what she found.
Skinny Bones is about a boy named Alex Frankovich who has gotten himself into trouble when he accidentally picks a fight with another Little League player and is trying to find ways to get out of the mess.
It's Junie B.'s first day of school and she is nervous to ride the bus in Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. She's heard it's smelly and that there are mean people who ride on it, so she decides not to ride the bus at all.
This book is one in the sub series, "Junie B., First Grader" when Junie B. moves on to first grade. She gets to work in the cafeteria during lunch and she seems to have found the job that she wants to do for a long time.

Ideas for Books:

"Honestly, my life isn’t exciting enough to write about things that have actually happened to me, so I’m forced to make my stories up from scratch. Usually, I start out with a vague story line and a general idea of the characters. Then, once I begin to write, the story starts to flow. If all goes well, it will flow in all sorts of directions that I never could have predicted."

A lot of Barbara's ideas stemmed from her imagination and stories that others had told her. She also came up with ideas once she had kids and grandchildren of her own, which helped refresh her memory of some of the funny things that children do. However, Barbara's stories were always made up from scratch and never based on things that actually happened.


Barbara Park writes in the Realistic Nonfiction genre. Realistic Nonfiction stories are ones that have events that could happen in real life. The characters and setting are realistic and easy to imagine. Junie B. Jones is a character that many young children, and adults, can relate to because of the things that she does and goes through throughout her life. Park's other books are also in the Realistic Nonfiction genre.

Denise Brunkus - Barbara's illustrator:

Denis Brunkus has illustrated over 60 books, including the Junie B. Jones series. Since she illustrates for children's books, she often uses her young niece for inspiration. She sketches several different variations of an illustration before she decides which one to use, as shown in the very top left picture. Barbara and her worked very closely throughout the Junie B. Jones series. Below is a link to her website.

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