Polar Reversals By Gus Pearlman

Dear Mr. President,

Your position in this society is to provide the people of your country flawless leadership and be an excellent commander of the country. Because your job would be disastrous when it happens, we give you a warning. In the next year, our magnetic field will reach zero magnetism and be comepletely useless. It subjects the human population on Earth to deadly particles of radiation and solar flares.

Destruction on Planets

Before you consider if this is even worth your time to read , observe Mars. NASA and other scientists have discovered that it was once very much like Earth. It contained water and a magnetic field to protect it. But over time it lost its magnetic field and over time the sun's solar particles and flares stole it's air (unbreathable to humans). Then once the pressure of the atmosphere was low enough, Mars water evaporated of the planet. Imagine if this happened to Earth.

These pictures are of all devices or industries that would be affected. The plane and transportation industry would be affected because for navigation they use radio signals and the GPS. Neither of those methods could function properly if their was no magnetic field. the GPS relies on a satellite to get the right position and navigation route. Because of the Solar Winds, all electronic devices and machines using electricity would fail to function. That means that satellites are not reliable and do not even work. The other major communication device and system is the radio. Radios use machines running on electricity to send out signals to the desired location. This is used to send the coordinates and the best route to plane pilots while they are navigating. This system of communication can not work with out a magnetic field because the magnetic field protects the electronic from satellite damage and loss of power (which is needed to run the machine) due to radiation.

My Advice:

My advice is that you don't panic. If we invest in our space program and develop our space ship we could split the human race on another planet so that if the Earth lost its atmosphere and is imposible to live in, the human race could and would still survive.

Thought if this is imposible in the next year because our technology is not that advanced, the best possible solution is to cut down on the technology to not be so dependent on electronics. If we are dependent on our gadgets, then in the time they do not function, we will already be dead. This will happen because we are onable to support ourself with nutrition and health.

To sum it up, the Earth could have a very big change. The change has a positive affect or a negative affect we don't know. We advice you to move to another planet to save the human race but if that is not possible going primitive lifestyle is the best option. If we do not do anything Mars destruction will be respected on us and it is possible for the end of humanity.

Sincerely Head of Magnitism Institute


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