The Puma Press Summer 2018 Edition

Assignments/Class Lists

Report cards from the 4th Marking Period of this year will be mailed home at the end of this week.

Teacher assignments for the 2018-19 school year will be released on Friday, August 17th. These lists will be e-mailed to all parents who receive this newsletter. We will also post lists on the side doors as we have done in the past.

Please remember that teacher requests are not accepted. We have procedures in place for classroom assignments. Please note that teachers may be added and others may be changing grade levels for the upcoming school year.

From The Puma Press Team

By: Leyna J.

Summer is here! The school year went by so quickly! Whether your summer is busy and you have lots of vacations to go on, or you’ll just be relaxing, IT’LL BE AWESOME! Enjoy it! Thank you for reading our school newsletter each month. Kindergartners-4th graders, we’ll see you next year in the next grade, and 5th graders, good luck!

Guidance Goings

The end of the year is here! Summertime is a great time for family time. Take time to talk to your children and listen to what they are interested in and what they enjoy. Try to schedule downtime for them in the summer. Utilize the Bethlehem Area Public Library. There is a lot of cool stuff going on there! See you next school year and good luck to our 5th graders!

Bethlehem Summer Recreation

Click the link below to see flyers for activities happening throughout the summer for students and families!

Girls Fit Club!

Education Day At IronPigs

By: Mckinzie L.

This year, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders went to an IronPigs’ game on May 9th. Many schools attend for Education Day. This year was a blast! IronPigs won 3 to nothing. Students brought money to get any snacks and lunch they wanted. The intermediate students had so much fun!

Spring Concert

By: Addison G., Nurbanu C. and Rebecca D.

The Spring Concert was on May 11th, 2018. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders performed. There were a lot of songs performed in the concert! It was our fifth grade band members last concert at Asa Packer. The whole band was amazing! The fifth grade performance was great, too. Thank you to Mrs. Rhode and Mrs. Conrad for organizing such a great show!!

Superhero Dress up day


The PTA thanks you for a great school year and wishes all our Asa Packer families a happy, safe, and fun summer! Be on the look out for volunteer positions for the 2018-2019 school year.

Field Trips

Kindergarten - Imagi nation

By: Addison G. and Miss Jordan

Kindergarten went to Imagi Nation. They were able to pretend play in many different jobs that could be when they grow up. So fun!

1st Grade - Quiet Valley and Davinci Science Center

By: Brady F. and Miss Truchan

First grade visited Quiet Valley on May 17th. There, they learned about colonial life on a farm. On May 23rd, they did dry-ice and many experiment stations at the Davinci Science Center. They had a great time!

2nd Grade - Lehigh Valley Zoo

By: Rebecca D. and Mrs. Story

The second grade went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo for their class field trip. They loved learning all about the animals at the zoo. Students visited the education center and all the animal exhibits. We had wonderful animal educators and zoo guides. The second grade got to see many of their favorite animals and of course loved seeing Murphy and Tattoo the giraffes.

3rd Grade - Historic Bethlehem

By: Blake J.

3rd grade has been working hard throughout the year to learn about Bethlehem’s history, so they went to see historic Bethlehem on June 1st .They learned about many important people and buildings, like Count Von Zinzendorf and the brothers’ and sisters' houses. All the students enjoyed the trip!

4th Grade - Junior Craftsman

By: Leyna J.

A few weeks ago, all of the 4th graders got to go to the Monocacy Creek to listen to the Junior Craftsmen and participate in different activities. The Junior Craftsmen are 8th grade students who taught us about things that were done in the 1800s. Some of us even took items like baskets and feathers home! The Junior Craftsmen created books of activities for everyone to take with them! My favorite part was weaving baskets. It was fun for all of us!

5th Grade - Steel Stacks

By: Addison W.

This past month our 5th graders enjoyed learning about Steel Stacks. They were split into two groups. First, the whole 5th grade joined together and watched a film in the Artsquest center. Then they went on a walking tour in two different directions. We had fun while learning about the history of the Steel Stacks at the museum. After lunch, we went separately to the museum. We learned about different items and machines they used in the 1700s for stacks and how they wore no extra protection against the heat. We learned so much about Steel Stacks that day!

Spelling Bee

By: Leyna J. and Addison G.

The Asa Packer spelling bee was a very fun and important event. It was held on May 30, 2018. There were two bees. One is for the primary wing, and one is for the intermediate wing. Two students are chosen from each class. Students are in the gymnasium on the stage and spell words for teachers who have volunteered to be the spelling bee judges. All the students and parents come in to watch the kids spell. They are given words to spell and the contestant says the word, spells it, and repeats the word again. In the primary bee, the contestants are first and second graders. The intermediate one is for third, fourth, and fifth graders. Congrats to all the winners!!

Grade 5 Track Meet

By: Lauren F.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, Asa Packer’s fifth graders went to Frank Banko Field to participate in the BASD Frank Broad 5th Grade Track Meet. Fifth graders from all 16 elementary schools participated in field events, running events, or cheered on their friends and fellow classmates. The field events included softball throw, running long jump, and high jump. The running events included the 50 meter dash, 100 meter dash, and relays. After completing the Preliminary Heat, Semi-Final Heat, and Final Heat, students received medals for the event they participated in. We all had a lot of fun that day. Congratulations to everyone who participated and won from Asa Packer!

Teachers versus 5th Graders kickball game!

All City Band

By: Addison W.

In the beginning of May, Asa Packer’s best band and orchestra performers participated in the All City Band. For three school days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.) They enjoyed the time off of school, but they loved being there in honor of Asa Packer. All the schools were at All City. We got to talk to middle school band performers about band in middle school. On Thursday night of May 3rd All City preformed together. All City was lots of fun and we enjoyed meeting new people who would go to Nitschmann with us.


Grade 3 Biography Fair

By: Ella S.

Have you heard about the third grade biography fair? The third grade completes a biography project in the 4th quarter. First, they pick their famous and important person. Here are some examples! Brady was Dr.Seuss and I was Laurie Hernandez. Then, you pick out your book. Rebecca used Who was Harriet Tubman?. Nurbanu used Who was Helen Keller?. Next, you must take notes and learn about this person. Later, you get your note cards to create a speech. Then, you get your poster to color and fill out. Finally, you present to your class and at the biography fair! Great job everyone!

Grade 4 Science Inquiries

By: Gianna B.

The fourth grade worked on their science projects for their science fair, which was happening on June 1st. Students tested a variety of experiments, like can recognize words or colors faster, which food will spoil the fastest, which soil is best for plants, and what will clean rust best, to name a few . They had to make tri-folds with the materials, hypothesis, and results they found and then do a report about the project. Way to go, 4th grade!

kellyn Foundation ¨Veggie Challenge¨

Field Day

By: Mckinzie L. and Brady F.

Field day is a favorite every year! There are so many fun games, like aliens and earthlings, cup stacking, the water bucket fill, scooter relays, and the parachute. All kids have a blast! Thanks Mrs. Davis and the parent helpers for a super fun day!

Patio Party

By: Nurbanu C.

Did you go to the Patio Party? Well, if you did, you must’ve had a lot of fun. The Patio Party was on Friday, May 18th, 2018. There were a lot of games to play. There was Menchies, popcorn, a bounce house, and many other things. You could earn prizes, such as slime, squishies, frisbees, rings, and balls. There was also a raffle. Many people won. Some of the games were Potty Toss, Flamingo Toss, Puma Toss, Plinko, a candy claw machine, an obstacle course, a bounce house, and shooting hoops. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers, the donations, and the PTA for another great event! The Patio Party was so fun! Even if you couldn’t go, there’s always next year!

Senior Walk

On June 5th, Liberty High School's graduating seniors returned "home" to Asa Packer - their elementary school. Seniors shared their future plans and current Asa students congratulated them on their accomplishment! Congratulation Class of 2018!

Volunteer Tea

Thank you again to all of our wonderful volunteers who do so much for our school and students! We are very grateful for your support and dedication this year.

Leader in Me

Newsletter Team!

By: Nurbanu C. and Rebecca D.

Habit 6 - Synergize

Synergize is the 6th habit. It means together is better. You can synergize and work with people who are different than you, and you can value their ideas. For example, you and your friends might have different ways to solve problems, but when you work together it can turn out great!

Habit 7 - Sharpen The saw

The seventh habit is Sharpen The Saw. Sharpen The Saw means balance feels best. For example, you shouldn’t always be working, and you shouldn’t always be playing. It is better to find a way to do both. Find activities that make you feel happy and that you enjoy with your family and friends. That is what sharpening the saw means.

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