Why Doesn't Glue Stick to the Inside of the Bottle? By: Tarini Burman

We often question what happens in our lives with silly questions-especially if you're a five year old.

Throughout human existence, mankind has been troubled by an infinitude of profound questions. Through perseverance and great intellectual curiosity, many of these questions have been answered. Long have they pondered questions such as, "Does global warming mean that our winters will be warmer?" "What caused the Big Bang?" and "What will be the end of the human race?" While other great minds research and debate on these questions, there are numerous other questions such as "Do frogs have ears?" "Why are people constantly on social media?" "Why are commercials louder than regular programming?" that have yet to be answered. However, through meditation, self inquiry and theoretical logic, one of those unanswered questions has been answered. "Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?"

There are so many different types of glues out there!

It's one of the mysteries of life that has confounded many students throughout history. The paste-like substance we all call glue, with its adhesion, high cohesive strength, flexibility, and high elastic modulus, continues to wonder and intrigue little children's minds. It makes everything stick together, but does not stick to the inside of the glue bottle. Now that makes it a very "sticky" question. There are many possible theories pertaining to this. Remember when people were afraid their homes were haunted because they were closing more doors than they were opening? Many in that time of crisis revolved around the fact that "magical spirits" were lurking and preying on their homes. Likewise, many will think that there is some special trick or will immediately resort to magic as an answer to the question about glue. But over the years, science has proved us wrong by saying that magic isn't necessarily the answer to all of our mind-puzzling questions. Others who wish to explore a more logical answer that the question, say that there's science behind it. The truth of the matter is that most glue doesn't not stick or "solidify" inside the bottle because it does not have any air being incorporated into it. By leaving the cap off, the solvent(the substance able to dissolve other substances) makes the glue sticky and eventually unusable. "Sticking" to the facts, scientists believe that when the glue bottle is close to empty, the air thickens the glue. How very "tacky."

Logic may prove us wrong in saying that our myths and legends about magic revolving every circumstance in our universe, but we cannot deny that it is definitely a possibility. I believe that the reason why glue does not stick to the inside of a bottle is because science proves that air(the solvent) thickens the glue causing it to become sticky and unusable. But, only the force of powerful sorcery can keep the air out. Well, that was a "cohesive" story.

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