Shooting The Rhino Richard Hunt

Seeing that I had a tough hike the week before I decided to do something more easy. So I camped at Garden Castle and did day hikes into the Mashai Pass Valley to try get some decent photos of the Rhino. Most of the Rhino photos on the internet are taken from a far off distance, so I wanted to get up close and personal. I found the challenge very tough, because the sun rose in the valley next to this valley so that ruled out sun rise photos. Also the sun set just to the left of the Rhino, blowing out the sky. For 2 days there were no clouds in the sky, making the sky too bland and washed out. On the 3rd day at 4:00 pm the clouds had built up enough to filter out the harsh sunset. So, most of my images were taken in 30 mins. It meant me running to the positions which I had identified, making full benefit of the light. And still the setting sun was harsh. This was probably the hardest photo shoot, light wise, which I have done. Maybe a mid summer shoot will work for photographing the Rhino. Also the further up the valley I went the Rhino looked more like the Tent, losing its Rhino look. From Pillar Cave it truly looked like the Tent.

I liked this formation of large boulders
The whole valley is littered with massive boulders
You can barely see the Rhino, but its there
These grasses caught my eye for foreground interest
Typical Drakensberg sun rays sweeping in front of the Rhino
The many sandstone formations are impressive in this area of the Berg
It must of rained boulders here at one time! Here the Rhino looks like The Tent
The setting sun washers in a last moment of warmth, also for a Berg Adder which slithered past my feet as I too this shot.
Not the Rhino but Garden Castle in the distance and had to show off this late afternoon soft light
As a young kid I used to swim in The Mermaid Pools and after 55 years I found them again, yes the Rhino is still there.
Good bye to the Rhino, maybe one of the most climbed peaks in the Drakensberg
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