spies and espionage laura markland


  • the practice of spying or of using spies; typically by government to obtain military information.
  • "Cold War espionage describes the intelligence gathering activities during the Cold War between the United States (CIA, NSA, FBI, and DIA) and the Soviet Union (KGB and GRU)." wikipedia.com

reasons for spying

  • It was key to know what your enemies were up to.
  • These spies used their skill to gain an advantage against the other side.
  • they both needed more information to defeat each other even if they never actually fought each other

cold war spying tactics

paying informers, double agents, stealing documents, intercepting communication, and listening devices or bugs .

this is a shoe compartment that held microfilm

famous cold war spies

The rosenbergs

The Rosenbergs
  • They were Julius and Ethel Rosneberg
  • married in 1939
  • they were devoted communist, and ran a secret spy ring
  • Julius became civilian engineer with the US Army, but was fired after they found out he supported the communist
  • Then they recruited Ethel's brother
  • He delivered notes and sketches on the atom bomb, but when they were put on trial he testified against them
  • The Rosenbergs were later executed on June 19, 1953
  • This was the first American execution for espionage

Klaus Fuchs

This is his mug shot
  • He left Germany after the rise of Hitler, and he joined the communist party of Germany.
  • He fled for England.
  • he had a doctorate in physics and was invited Rudolf Peirels to work on a British research project
  • he later testified that he gave away information on the project to the Soviet Union.

George Blake

  • he was a double agent for 9 years
  • he worked for the British Intelligence agency
  • he was sentenced to a 42 year prison sentence
  • he escaped from prison

Spy rings

The Cambridge 5

  • 5 men that were recruited in 1930's by the Soviet Union
  • Anthony Blunt
  • Donald Maclean
  • Guy Burgess
  • Kim Philiby
  • John Cairncross

Portland Spy Ring

some members of the ring
  • the operated in England
  • 1950's to 1961
  • Harry Houghton
  • Ethels Gee
  • Gordon Lonsdale
  • Morris Conen
  • Lona Cohen
  • they were found guilty of plotting to hand over secrets about Britons first nuclear submarine

Berlin Tunnel

  • they were tunnels used to intercept messages from Russia
  • they used a wire tap
  • most messages were sent through Berlin, so this was the perfect spot.
  • people listened to messages all day and all night
This is a replica of the Berlin tunnel

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