The implement of a social media strategy in a company is based on the marketing department which develops an idea of using one or more social platforms to increase their business goal. A social media campaign should be based on an specific goal that the company wants for its business, usually, these goals are: getting feedback from clients, achieving new clients, or being able to sell direct from the social media.

The company “Convince&Convert” states 8 different steps to have a perfect social media strategy.

Create a team that develops a strategy

Compare yourself with your competitors

Focus it on a social way

Take into account which difference it makes on your business

Analyze your public

How will you make it to your heart´s audience?

How will you be human?

Create a plan

When a company has established their goal that they want to achieve with the social media strategy, they characterize their public and look at their competitors, so they can choose the most appropriated social media.

Besides the common social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) there are some other options that the companies must consider, such as: microblogging, RSS, podcasting, forum, social tagging, mashup, etc...


Nike is an American multinational corporation engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.

Previously it was known as the “Blue Ribbon Sports” (RBS), it was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1964. And in the last centuries it has become one of the leader brands on the market of sneakers and sport clothing.

Their presence in social media is extremely notorious and their followers on social networks have impressively increased in the last few years. Nevertheless, their expectations keep growing and, consequently, they need a bigger impact on social media in order to keep being an innovative company and also to attract the customer's attention.


Nike is an extremely innovative company whose technological systems are being constantly changed and adapted. Due to the increase of the importance of social media for companies nowadays we consider that a new social media strategy would be very convenient for such a pioneer brand so that it got closer to the customer’s mind.

Apart from social network sites (where nike already has plenty of influence) we believe that there are other aspects of social media that might be improved in the company.

The following refers to a social media strategy which would, from our point of view, increase people’s attention towards the mentioned brand:


Related to Nike, microblogging is a way of exchanging information with your public, and it also helps your clients to know what you are up to do in the future. The most common source of microblogging is twitter, which helps the users to know more information that Nike publishes which may be relevant for them to buy new staff. It is a simple way of contacting with your clients and it is very efficient.


We believe that recording and sharing podcasts would be useful for Nike in order to provide information to their customers and to keep them connected to the activity and its news. The content of these audios might be diverse: interviews, future plans, information about new releases… Despite the fact that Nike has already shared podcasts before (for instance, this interview with Kobe Bryant, we think that the company should increase the frequency of those in order to approach to the customers.

Video Sharing:

Platforms such as Youtube, vimeo and others are becoming nowadays brilliant ways to boost brands. Nike already has a youtube channel with thousands of followers where they sometimes upload different videos. However, we consider that Nike might increase its activity on Youtube and take advantage of that to promote its new products and to convey information about the brand. Moreover, Nike could also use Youtube or other websites to live stream videos. This is a new technique that some companies have developed and it has been proved to be very efficient to keep in touch with customers. Additionally, Nike could also perform experiments or interviews with sportspeople in order to capture followers and potential customers.


Instant update is frequently demanded by customers. Therefore, companies such as Nike should start thinking about getting involved in websites like RSS, where users are constantly feed with information about the latest news of the brand, upcoming products and the newest campaigns. This could be very useful in order to keep their customers connected to the last updates of the brand.

All in all, the main purpose of this strategy is to increase the importance of social media in Nike and, therefore, enhance the relationship between Nike and its customers. In addition, we believe that, because of this strategy, the number of people interested in nike may grow. This is owing to the fact that, nowadays, the impact that technology has on people is huge and sometimes we do not realize that a brand is the right one for us until we see it on the internet. Then, social media must be a vital part in a company and that is the reason why Nike, in spite of being already a brand pretty concerned about that, should increase even more its activity related to social media.


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