Z Company Hampshire & IOW ACF 2016 A review


4 Pl Overton Enrolment and Awards Ceremony

4 Pl Overton wasted no time at the start of the year holding their enrolment ceremony and annual awards. Held at the local school hall in Whitchurch, it was attended by around 80 parents and guests with sixteen new enrolments as well as various awards given for different categories such as the Inter-Section Shield, Cadet of the Year, NCO of the Year, Best Shot, Community Shield, and Detachments Commanders Award. The event was attended by the Mayor of Whitchurch, the Padre, the RBL Chairman and the Company OC Major Tim Hope.

Mayor of Winchester visits 6 Pl Kings School

Mayor of Winchester Cllr Angela Clear visit 6 Plt (Rifles), to award the current Mayor's Cadet Cpl Beatrice Grant-Howell her unique badge who is currently undertaking the role.Cpl Grant-Howell's duties consist of assisting the Mayor on all her civic duties, so far this year having helped at Remembrance Parade, the recent Freedom Parade, Bonfire Night and with Poppy selling. She will remain in post until May 2016 when there is a Mayor Making Ceremony and a new cadet is appointed.


Knook Camp Training Weekend

Saw the Company attend Knook Camp for their first training weekend. This saw cadet Jodie Webb from 3 Pl Basingstoke given two awards from St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross for her brave actions when returning home from a parade night to an injured cyclist on the outskirts of Winchester


Company Range Day at Moody Down Ranges

Even hail storms and biting words could not deter the cadets from Z Coy who descended onto the windswept ranges of Moody Down near Winchester for a days of shooting on the cadet GP rifle.

3 Pl Basingstoke Enrolment Ceremony and RBL Cheque Presentation

The cadets and adults at 3 Pl Basingstoke, Z Company had a busy night with conducting both there quarterly enrolment ceremony. Attended by the County Commandant Colonel Andy Dawes, and the Z Company's training officer Captain Andy Toze the new recruits were brought forward by their detachment sponsor and after making the cadet promise awarded their PWRR berets while proud family and friends looked on.

The evening also saw a cheque handed to the local RBL branch representative Tim Russell for an amount of £180. This was raised by a joint effort back in September 2015 along with the cadets of 7 Platoon Old Basing of A Company. The event involved cadets putting on their walking boots, grabbing a water bottle and setting off into the night to walk the 5km route around the Old Basing Countryside.

The event was organised by Staff Sergeant Ruth Ford Hunt also from 7 Platoon, Old Basing. Many cadets from this platoon also took part in the sponsored walk. All completed the 5k route and after dodging some cows and local wildlife, they finished the walk in one piece. When they got to their finish point, they had a nice rest with some sweets and a refreshing beverage. SSI Kitty Yarwood, 2IC of 3 Platoon Basingstoke, said: “This is the 3rd year we have taken part in the Poppy Appeal Walk with Old Basing. We really enjoy doing the walk around the peaceful outskirts of Basingstoke. The cadets use this opportunity to improve their map reading and navigation skills, leading the way on the walk.

3 Pl Basingstoke Presenting The Cheque

Lord Lieutenants Cadet Sophie Groves Begins Her Duties

Z Coy cadet Sophie Groves takes on her first Lord Lieutenant duties......

"My evening at Serle's House was one that I will always remember. My first event as the Lord Lieutenant's Cadet for Hampshire and Isle of Wight ACF.

When I arrived, my parents were taken off to have a tour around the museum, while I was escorted upstairs to one of the conference rooms, where I was told to wait as I was one of the first to arrive.

I got chatting to the organiser Kate who arranges all the events, I found out that my group would be the first group who she would see through from start to finish as she only started her job in February, while we were chatting a few others arrived, an Air Cadet, Sea Cadet and the finally to arrive was another Air Cadet all whom had also been nominated as LL's cadets.

After we had all arrived, we continued with the meeting where we found out what was expected of us, we were given contact information and had a few admin points to discuss. When the meeting had finished we walked into the main dining room where we were met by our guests we had brought with us and our Detachment Commanders as well as the Commandant. We were told to help ourselves to the food that was laid out for us and to talk to everyone. A few VIP's worked their way around the room, The Lord Lieutenant and his cadets were taken off to have a photographic opportunity with the County Public Relations Officer Lt Alistair Longworth and then we were told to continue to mingle. I had some very lovely discussions with the other cadets, the Mayor, Lord Lieutenant and other VIP's. The food was lovely and the staff were very helpful. The evening was one that was thoroughly enjoyable and it was so nice to meet everyone. My parents enjoyed it too."

Cdt CSM Sophie Groves

10 Pl Romsey Enrolment Ceremony

10 Pl Romsey held their own enrolment ceremony welcoming six new recruits into the Z Company family

New Recruits Enrolled At 10 Pl Romsey


3 Pl Basingstoke Awards Ceremony

Cadets from 3 Plt Basingstoke, Z Company recognised for their achievements.

The cadets from 3 Plt Basingstoke (PWRR), Z Company attended their annual awards evening. The event was designed to recognise those cadets who had gone above and beyond as well as those receiving promotions and star passes.

The evening was well attended with parents, as well as the County Commandant Andy Daes, the Company OC Major Tim Hope, and the Padre Mark Christian (whose birthday it was!)The beginning saw the cadets march on to the beat of several drums led by SSI Dave Martin with Cdt’s Melanie Lockwood, Chelsea Cochrane and Phoebe Martin providing the beat.

5 and 6 Pl's Sample Food In The Field

38 cadets and five adults from 5 Plt Winchester (PWRR) and 6 Plt Kings School (Rifles) visit Barton Stacey training area to see how the Food Services Wing (FSW), who are from Worthy Down operate in the field.

The cadets arrived at the training area at 1900 hours and was met by Sgt Toby Offord, one of the staff from FSW and showed the cadets where the field kitchen was.

The cadets then tabbed to the area and then met the Chief Instructor Lt Col Browne from the RLC.

He talked about what the FSW was all about and what was on the menus. The cadets then met C/Sgt Lee Hardy who gave the cadets a brief about the camp site and where they could go. The cadets then moved into the camp which was a field kitchen set up and started to sample the superb food on offer. There was a huge amount of variety ranging from pizza all the way to pasta, cake and soup!

When the cadets had finished their meal they they then started their survival lesson with C/Sgt Hardy. He started with 'What was Survival and how to Survive'. They then made a shelter from wood and leaves, from the training area.

Sgt Offord was quoted as saying "Thank you. Brilliant. It was great to see all the cadets out on the exercise area, plus meeting the food services wing Chief Instructor. Great feedback was given to the chefs and all the cadets were very polite!

The cadets loved the evening and want to know when can they do this again!

Top Scoff Served In The Field

Four Cadets From Z Coy Selected For 11 Brigade Military Skills Competition

Friday evening saw the team of eight selected cadets from Y and Z Company's travel up the A3 (M) to Longmoor Camp to go head to head with 9 other teams from across the South East Region at this years 11 Brigade Military Skills Competition. The event is open to both ACF and CCF units and organised and run by the 11X cadet training team (CTT) headed up by Major Rod Gray. On the ground sorting the nuts and bolts were the adults supervised by the CTT 2 IC Captain Paul Sydenham and supported by his Sergeant Major, WO2 Steven Badenski.

Getting To Grips With Command Tasks At the 11 Brigade Military Skills Competition


Z Company Elite Royal Hampshire Cup Team Do Battle

A massive well done to all the cadets within Z Company who put themselves forward and took time out over the weekend to represent the Company as our team.

The team had several changes last minute but worked well together and just missed out on 3rd place by a measly 5 points. However they brought the silverware home by winning the Military Skills event on the Saturday evening!

C/Sgt C O'Harrow (11 Plt Eastleigh)

Cpl A Buck (10 Plt Romsey)

Cpl Cpl K Grimsey (3 Plt Basingstoke)

Cpl B Grant-Howell (6 Plt Kings School)

L/Cpl J Hughes (6 Plt Kings School)

L/Cpl D Rocker (1 Flt Andover)

L/Cpl Z Dashwood (1 Flt Andover)

L/Cpl B Robinson (4 Plt Overton)

L/Cpl C Mort (5 Plt Winchester)

Cdt H Mort (5 Plt Winchester)

Cdt D Gower (11 Plt Eastleigh)

The Z Coy RHC Team

C/Sgt Alexander Buck of 10 Pl Romsey Selected For Bavaria Adventure Training Trip

Cpl Alex Buck from 10 Plt Romsey, Z Company has beaten over 180 applicants to go to Bavaria for a week to undertake everything adventure training!!

The trip organised by the cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT) was open for cadets wishing to go by filling in an application form stating their cadet qualifications and interests.

Cdt C/Sgt Alexander Buck of 10 Pl Romsey

6 Pl Kings School Have An Evening With The Rifles

Cadets from 6 Pl Kings School (Rifles) take the short walk from Newburgh House to the Peninsula Barracks to have an evening with the Rifles Support Team.

Held just outside the Rifles and RGJ Museum premises the cadets were given an introductory talk bu the Team Commander Cpl Jason ROGERS. These four teams from across the UK attend all sorts of events to help with youth engagement. The museum was also kept open for the cadets to visit by curator Melanie Marsh.

The evening started with some light infantry drill and then onto getting down and dirty with copious amounts of the dreaded cam cream.

Then the cadets were split into two teams for some difficult command tasks, one involving quite a serious logic problem of getting numbered tyres from one cone to another that presented quite a challenge.

The evening was also attended by the detachment staff C/Sgt David Nutbeam, as well as PI's Tim Smith and Helena McDougall.

Due to the cadets and their strenuous exercise they were treated to pizza and chips at the end courtesy of the detachment!

An Evening With The Rifles Youth Engagement Team

Cadets Take Part In Winchester Mayor Making Ceremony

Two cadets from Z Company attended the prestigious ceremony at the Winchester Guild Hall last Wednesday to exchange duties as Mayor of Winchester Cadets.

Cadet Cpl Beatrice Grant-Howell from 6 Pl Kings School started the proceedings by announcing the retiring Mayor, Councillor Angela Clear who then assumed the chair and called on a motion to elect the new Mayor this being Councillor Jane Rutter. The retiring Mayor then left the Bapsy Hall and led by Cpl Grant-Howell went to the robing room for the incoming Mayor to assume her Mayoral robe and chain of office. All then entered but with also Cdt Cpl Nathan Sayeg-Priestley from 5 Pl Winchester as the new Mayor's Cadet taking over of the duties.

Many other elections then took place with Cdt Cpl Nathan Sayeg-Priestley receiving his Cadet Mayor's badge from Cllr Rutter. Cdt Cpl Beatrice Grant-Howell was then awarded a certificate and a lovely bouquet of flowers as thanks for her duties as the Mayor's Cadet

The whole event was also seen by the Z Company OC, Major Tim Hope and 6 Pl Detachment Commander SSI David Nutbeam.

Z Company Cadets Head To Rollestone Camp

Well done to all the cadets and adults who made the recent Rollestone Camp such a success.

Wessex Shield winners 1 Flt Andover saw them defend the title for a second year just 1 point ahead of 3 Pl Basingstoke, with 9 Flt Middle Wallop coming 3rd.

Also great event laid on by the Parachute Regiment in allowing us to get hands on to some highly specialised weaponry!!

Winners Of The Wessex Shield - 1 Flt Andover!

1 Flt Andover Raise Massive £550 From Sponsored Walk

Full credit to all the cadets from 1 Flt Andover for preparing and carrying out a 20 km charity walk for Brain Tumour Research.

This event was planned, organised and executed by three cadets just showing what can be achieved with selfless commitment and the use of technology, check it out below!

Well done to Cpl's Annie Smith, Hugo Leonard, and L/Cpl Theo Youds. At the time of posting the total raised was at £550!

The Team Undertaking The Charity Walk


6 Pl Cadets Receive Detachment Awards

A night of awards and promotions for the cadets of 6 Plt Kings School, Z Company!

This Monday saw the cadets and adults parade at Coy HQ at Newburgh House for several awards and a promotion for their cadets.

Cadet Katie Bradshaw received the Duchey Cup and Cadet Tye Webb receive the detachment drill and turnout award.

Cdt L/Cpl Connor Hughes was also promoted to Corporal.

The awards as well as several shooting and star badges were handed out by the Coy OC Major Tim Hope.

4 Pl Overton Host Armed Forces Day Charity Dinner

Select cadets from 4 Pl Overton did their part for Armed Forces Day by serving distinguished guests at the Royal British Legion Whitchurch Branch Charity Fundraising Dinner on the 25th June.

The event held at Testbourne Community School, also saw the whole of Z Company HQ staff with partners and guests book a table to enjoy the evening.

The cadets did a fantastic job of getting the food out promptly with no major disasters of plates tipped into laps!

SSI Steve Slack the Detachment Commander kept a close eye on their efforts as well as running the bar and then taking to the stage to act as the "Man with the Mic" when it came to the raffle and blind auction, (of which he was a natural!) There was live entertainment throughout the evening and a great time had by all to celebrate Armed Forces Day and to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of The Somme 1916.

5 and 6 Pl's Support Armed Forces Day at Peninsula Barracks

Cadets from 5 and 6 Pl's Winchester joined forces to assist at the "Getting on Parade" event held at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester this Sunday to welcome in Armed Forces Week.

The event was organised by the curator of The Rifles Museum Melanie Marsh in conjunction with the other Military Museums of the Gurkha's, Kings Royal Hussars and Royal Green Jackets.

The event saw numerous stalls for the public to browse as well as the ACF one nestled between the ATC and Sea Cadets.

The highlight of the day for the cadets was the Cadet Inter-cup competition where the three branches of the cadets services went head-to-head in a specific command task, this year being the "5 Tyres"

Our cadets really put everything into it coming second against a very senior team of ATC.

The crowds were then entertained by the Band and Bugles of The Rifles doing a fantastic piece and then the 6 Pl cadets were invited to have their picture taken with them.

3 Pl Basingstoke Hold Royal British Legion Affiliation Ceremony

Cadets of 3 Pl Basingstoke affiliated to the Old Basing Branch of the Royal British Legion.

The ceremony was attended by several members of the RBL, first to speak was Dave Moore the County's Poppy Appeal Organiser, followed by the Old Basing Branch Poppy Appeal Organiser Tim Russell. They spoke about the history of the RBL and all the different ways they help serving and past members of the armed forces.

Also present was the Padre Major Mark Christian, the Z Coy OC Major Tim Hope, and the Commandant Colonel Andy Dawes.

The cadets were then awarded their affiliation badges.

Tim Russell said,

"Old Basing RBL is proud to be associated with 3 Plt Basingstoke (PWRR) Detachment, Z Company. We look forward to a long and happy working relationship raising funds for the Poppy Appeal, and giving valuable experience to the cadets"

All Attending The 3 Pl Basingstoke RBL Affiliation Ceremony

5 and 6 Pl's Visit To Winchester Fire Fighters

Cadets from 5 Plt Winchester and 6 Pl Kings School attended Winchester Fire Station at Winnall as part of their continual Cadet in the Community training.

They met up with the watch manager, Kev Robson and he explained the rules of the fire station and what to do if the alarm went off as it's a fully working fire station. The cadets were then broken into 4 teams which started off with a tour of the fire station, sleeping quarters and rest room. They then moved onto the different fire engines that are at Winchester. They also explained roles and responsibilities for each engine. At 2000 hours, out of the blue, the alarm went off. The cadets were asked to go into the court yard as white watch set off in two fire engines. The cadets then moved on to the 30 metre platform engine where Sgt Offord volunteered to take 6 platoons flag to the top of the platform.

When white watch returned they explained to the cadets where they had been and what duty they carried out which was to tackle a small fire on the roof of Winchester prison.

At the end of the night the white watch manager sat down and answered questions on the role and responsibility of a fire fighter and how to become a fire fighter.

D of E Exped Tour of The New Forest

20 cadets came together just outside Brockenhurst to start their preparations for their D of E Bronze Expedition.

Once their bergens had been weighed to make sure no-one had brought the kitchen sink, it was a quick briefing by Coy D of E lead 2/Lt James Lillicrap and then a kit check by the two assessing officers SMI Mark Holdway from Y Coy, and SSI Sheryl Payne of X Coy.

Three qualifying groups and one practice group set out using their prepared route cards, with the future check points covered by assisting staff the OC Major Tim Hope, CA Fiona Hope, the 2/IC Capt Ali Longworth and SSI Steve Slack of 4 Plt Overton.

Although having a slight delay at the start the cadets really got stuck in with some serious progress being made and no groups becoming horribly lost, and all eventually arriving safely to the Ashurst camp site where the tents were pitched and evening meal prepared.

Exploring The New Forest

Z Coy Cadet Becomes National Athletics Champion

Cadet Taffy Tandi, 14 years old from 1 Flt Andover has become a National Athletics Champion. Cdt Tandi attended the Regional Athletics event in Oxford as a stand in for another cadet who was unable to make the place they had won. Cdt Tandi entered the Junior Boys Long Jump and 100 m track events. Cdt Tandi did his best in both of these events despite not having his correct sports shoes with him at the time, he managed to with the Gold in both events. Cdt Tandi also entered the 4x100m relay with three of his junior colleagues; the team placed second.

Cdt Tandi was delighted to come away with not only one win, but two. He was automatically invited to attend the National Athletics Competition on Grantham, Lincolnshire on 11 June 2016 along with Cpl Saige-Preastley and Sgt Buck (Z Company). Again, Cdt Tandi was put forward for the Junior Boys Long Jump and 100m sprint once again. He managed to come forth in the 100m sprint but clenched the Gold again in the Long Jump after getting a distance of 4.72m across the sand.

Cdt Tandi said "I am happy i got ACF Champion. I now aim to move through the ranks and go back year on year to defend my title as Champion. I would have liked it if there was an International Competition as I am sad it is over".

SSI Karen Henley, Cdt Tandi's Detachment Commander said "I am very proud of Cadet Tandi's achievements in this area. He is a naturally sporty individual who was unfortunately unavailable for the County level event. For the coming years, I now know to push Cdt Tandi forward for more events like this. Well done Cdt Tandi"

Cdt Taffy Tandi from 1 Flt Andover


Z Company Battle Camp

Z Coy Battle Camp...Total Success!!

This weekend saw a massive 143 cadets from Z Coy descend onto the Bramley Training area for this years Battle Camp with exercise Jupiter Thunder.

Friday night saw the admin bits sorted out along with an additional 32 cadets from X Coy, with the issuing of all the necessary kit and rations so early the next day the 1 stars upwards could deploy out into the field, however the 3*'s were too keen and disappeared into the night....

The weekend saw all the cadres doing a variety of fieldcraft tasks and other activities with an emerging battle picture.....

Saturday evening saw a brief respite from duties with all the cadets getting hot dogs and fizzies with onions specially cooked by the OC! However it was soon back to work with the 1* cadre doing a close target recce of the NME base behind the razor wire and trying not to be captured!

The recruits occupied an essential OP to gather valuable intel on the NME movements, that allowed the 2* cadre to allow a feinting attack on the Sunday morning to distract the NME who were then wiped out by the relentless fire and movement machine that was the 3* cadre!

It was then back to the Maintenance Buildings for the essential weapon clean and final parade. The weather was with us with just one or two heavy showers but then bright sunshine.

"Simply The Best"

"Suck It Up ButterCup"

A well deserved promotion for SSI Karen Henley of 1 Flt Andover!

Z Company Take County Swimming Title

The six Company's put forward their best swimmers to take part in the County Swimming Competition held at the Army Training Regiment (ATR) in Winchester.

The level of swimming expertise was very high but at the end of the day it was Z Company (Simply The Best) who came away with the overall title.

The Winning Z Coy Swimming Team

Cadets Sample Top Army Scram And Meet The Cast Of Watership Down

Thirty-nine cadets from Z Coy travel to the Barton Stacey Area 3 training area to find out what it is like to cook in the field from candidates on their training exercise from the Food Services Wing (FSW) based at Worthy Down.

The budding army chefs have to undertake a week long training exercise and are presented with numerous scenarios where they have to show their acquired skills in preparing great food using both army compo rations as well as fresh rations.

The evening saw cadets from 4 Pl Overton (PWRR), 5 Pl Winchester (PWRR), and 6 Pl Kings School (The Rifles) first receive a safety brief from C/Sgt Hardy one of the instructors and then move onto the four field kitchens where the trainees gave their personal brief. The food on offer was exceptional with everything cooked from scratch and it wasn't long before the cadets were tucking into heaped plates!

The evening was also attended by the FSW OC, Major Enid Thomson and other FSW staff as well as the various instructors keeping a close eye on things as it was continual assessment for the trainees.

After their meal the cadets were then shown how a survival interest lesson of what must be done in order to skin and prepare rabbits in order to cook. Sgt Toby Offord, an instructor with the FSW, who has close links with 5 Pl Winchester demonstrated the skinning and gutting procedure as well as what to look out for to ensure the rabbit is a healthy animal before cooking.

The end of the evening saw Sgt Offord presented with a card to say a massive thank you for all the help he has given the ACF as he was soon to be posted elsewhere.


"Suck It Up Buttercup" Annual Camp Tour!

Well a book could be written on how Z Coy totally dominated camp, but I'll leave some images below of the highlights - great memories........


1 Flt Cadets Enrolled Into Z Company

Well done to Cdt's Johna Newton, Alex Enright, Florence Taylor and Kiri White!

These four cadets from 1 Flt Andover saw themselves enrolled into the Detachment with help from their sponsor cadet L/Cpl Josh Evans.

The evening opened with an address from the Detachment Commander S/Sgt Karen Henley. The Padre then made a short speech and finally the cadets made their promise and were awarded their cadet rank slides by the Company Commander, Major Tim Hope.

The Commandant then said a short piece and then had the privilege of awarding two senior cadets from the Company not only their 4 Star badges, but also promotions to C/Sgt and S/Sgt to Alex Buck from 10 Pl Romsey, and Annabel Smith from 1 Flt - Well done to the both of you!!

It was then a further presentation to L/Cpl Josh Evans from the Company Commander wishing him good luck in his imminent career in the Guards...L/Cpl we all from the Company wish you the very best for your training ahead of you!!

Newly Enrolled Recruits Joining 1 Flt Andover

10 Pl Help At Prestigious Romsey Show

Over 25 cadets from 10 Pl Romsey attend one of their main event's that being the prestigious Romsey Show.

This year they had an APC as their centre piece kindly donated by SI Matt Kill from X Coy and a recruitment tent sent up displaying some of the aspects of the ACF namely field craft, first aid, and D of E.

The cadets were kept busy helping at the show jumping event by replacing the knocked down fences and avoiding the horses, as well as helping the SAAFA stand set up and break down.

Each year all the stands are judged, and Romsey came away with a respectful 2nd place, and 1st in the Military Youth Organisation category.

Z Coy Cadets Selected For County CADSAAM Team

This weekend saw a young shooting team head to the fair County of Kent to take part in this year's CADSAAM (Cadet Skill AT Arms Meeting) Competition at Hythe Ranges.

Well done to Cpl Konor Grimsey, Cpl Rebecca Dawson, and L/Cpl Alex Ashleigh for making the County team

The County CADSAAM Shooting Team

Z Coy Cadets Represent The County at Brigade First Aid Competition

On Friday the 2nd Sept the country first aid team under the control of SSI Farmer from B Coy made their way to Napier Barracks in Kent to compete in the 2016 Brigade first aid competition. The team consisted of two young adults (17-23 yrs) and four cadets in the youth team. The competition had two stages for each team. The individual assessment and the team assessment. This year also saw a written test. The competition was very fast paced and the teams quickly got through their individual assessments and moved into the second phase which was the team assessment. Teams from the ACF, CCF and ATC were putting all the training they have received to the test and at the end of the day the teams paraded to see how they had done. First to be announced was the young adults… there was a big cheer when our team came second being beaten by a very strong Surrey team. The cheer then got even louder as the youth team took first place and received the brigade trophy. To top the terrific win we also had the top score in both the young adult and youth written tests.

Well done to Cdt Dawes, Cdt Duggan, Cdt S/Sgt Smith and Cdt C/Sgt Buck


6 Pl Kings School (The Rifles) Compete In National Rifles Competition

For an idea what the team had to endure, check out last years video of them competing!


Remembrance Parade's and Poppy Selling......

Radio Users Course "Loud And Clear"

Fifteen cadets from around the Coy descended to the rural location of 4 Pl Overton to undertake an intensive one day Radio Users Course hosted and administered by the Detachment Commander, and Coy Signals lead SSI Steve Slack.

The rural location and undulating hills made no difference to the clear reception, and all the cadets passed with full marks - well done!

4 Pl Overton Paint The Countryside

Late October saw the cadets and adults from 4 Pl Overton journey to Romsey to take a relaxing day of hi-octane, intensive paintball.

The day saw the various teams taking on different missions ranging from Capture the flag, castle defense, suicide missions over a bridge, protect the president and a final last man standing game at the end.

All the cadets said they had a great time and credit to SSI Steve Slack for organising it.

If anything the day certainly taught each and every cadet the use of cover and a hard lesson in not choosing a good fire position!

4 Pl Overton Getting Down and Dirty

Cadets Help At Andover Awards Ceremony

1 Flight Andover cadets had been asked to attend and help out at the Pride of Andover Awards that are held once a year at The Lights, and so myself and about twenty other of my fellow cadets went along to the ceremony.

The event is for people nominated for awards for things that they have done for the community in the past twelve months and their achievements were celebrated that evening. We were asked to help in several different ways including welcoming the nominees and their guests to the venue, and offering them drinks as they came in. Some of us were also there to help guests to their seats and we went around all the tables catering to their needs such as clearing up plates, glasses and refilling their drinks. All the cadets also helped to serve the food, and then clear up between each course.

Cdt Cpl Theodore Youds who is a previous winner of the Pride of Andover Award also helped to present the prizes to the respective winners. Once the prize giving had finished we helped people out of their seats and carried on clearing up the tables. It was overall a fun night, and it was nice knowing that what we were doing was for a good cause.

Written by Cdt Kiri White (1 Flt Andover, Z Coy)

10 Pl Romsey Enrolment And Awards Night

10 Pl Romsey hold it's joint enrolment and awards evening at its Detachment in front of guests, and family members of the cadets.

The evening was opened by Padre Mark Christian giving his address on the importance of the values and standards within the ACF, and then it was the turn of the Detachment Commander 2/Lt Shaun Chinnock to call the cadets forward to be enrolled.

Z Coy Brunswick Camp

November saw the final training camp for the Company held at Brunswick with an emphasis on shooting. An amazing 161 cadets and 26 adults attended this event!

Brunswick Camp 2016


Z Company Cadet Remembered

December saw cadets and adults from 5 Pl Winchester and 6 Pl Kings School come together at Company HQ, Newburgh House to remember Cdt Alexander Worth, who tragically died in a road crash earlier this year.

Alex had joined 6 Plt Kings School (The Rifles), and had attended his first Company camp that being Z Coy Battle Camp at Bramley. Although just starting his cadet career, he showed great enthusiasm and even started to make enquiries on what was required to get onto the Rifles Cup Team.

The evening was attended by Alexander's family, with his parents Hugo and Arabella presenting cadet Amy Smith with the Alexander Worth Award for best cadet of the month through her helping new recruits with their training and offering them support. This trophy had kindly been donated by the Rifle's Regiment in honour of Alexander.

Company Commander Major Tim Hope then presented Hugo and Arabella with a framed photograph of the Company at battle camp.

Recruit Training Day Total Success

Twenty-six recruits from across the Company descended onto Newburgh House this Saturday for an intensive day of first aid and shooting.

First aid saw the conference room AV equipment being put to good use, while Capt Andy Toze opened up the 25m barrack range and able helped by SSI Shane Radford and SSI Alistair Smith in teaching the basics of the marksmanship principles.

At the end of a hard day's training the Company Commander Major Tim Hope presented all the recruits with their badges and certificates!

The Coy Commander Surrounded By The hard Working Recruits

10 Pl Romsey Cadets Recognised For Commandants Charity

The Hants & IOW ACF Commandant, Colonel Andy Dawes visited the cadets from 10 Pl Romsey, Z Coy (Best County Detachment 2016), to recognise seven cadets who in April undertook the Romsey Relay Marathon.

The event was for teams of ten to do a lap of 2.6 miles around the Broadlands Estate and raise monies for their nominated charities. Due to Romsey cadets having just seven cadets, this meant some members had to step up and do extra mileage for the cause!

The Marathon Team (L-R) C/Sgt Alex Buck, L/Cpl George Forgan, Cpl Carl Windebank, Cdt Robert Pounder, Cdt Charlie Teal, Cdt James Martin, Cpl Tom Barlow

3 Pl Basingstoke Represent The ACF At Christmas Carol Service

3 Pl Basingstoke cadets and adults represented the ACF at the Basingstoke Mayors Carol Service held at St Michaels Church in Basingstoke.

Two adults and seven hand-picked cadets attended the service along with the County Commandant Colonel Andy Dawes, who did a reading of "Christmas in the Trenches" by John McCutcheon

The service was attended by the Mayor of Basingstoke Cllr Jane Frankum and other representatives.

Front Cdt Henry Barber Middle (L-R) SSI Dave Martin, L/Cpl Jai Smith, Sgt Ashleigh Barbour, Cdt Kieran Purnell, Sgt Konor Grimsey, PI Kristi Grimsey Rear (L-R) Cdt Jodie Webb, Cdt Alex Dawes

That's it folks for 2016....this presentation has been a testament to the hard work, resolve, and superb effort by all the cadets and adults within the Company who have truly shown what it means to be one of the elite Z Company Family....

And remember.........

"Suck It Up Buttercup"

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