Into the wild

“I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him that gives me strength.” Philippians 4:12-13

Georgia on my mind
Alternative Break Leadersip Experience in Atlanta, GA
My heart hurts, yet is filled with so much joy and hope for these refugee kids. Our time in Atlanta has been full of learning, and growing. Even through the midst of middle school drama, I loved every bit of their craziness.
Happiness is being surrounded by love and loving yourself. Being comfortable with who I am, and allowing others to be themselves. It's the ability to see beauty in everything, and not allowing most things to get to me. I'm truly in my element when I'm serving, traveling and worshiping. Happiness to me is having hope, something to believe in and knowing where you stand in the world and always striving to better yourself through volunteering, growing and learning. Happiness is being content and having authenticity, having empathy and being surrounded by loving, supportive and gracious people. It's laughing, being silly, and absolutely pouring your love into God's love for us.
Being successful comes from within. I am and will continue to be successful because of friends like these, that will do anything for you, like share a twin size bed and fall asleep perfectly content. I will be successful if I can continue to love others, have empathy and know life isn't about extrinsic awards, but how you impact people without needing others to see. When I'm at the point where I have an abundance of resources, and opportunities available, not necessarily money but wonderful people surrounded by me, always with support and encouragement, because that is so important. I know I will never be done learning and growing and I think success comes from an open-mind, a full heart and whole bunch of true love.
Best friends
The best service team I could ask for
Office of Service Leadership
Future licensed psychologists
Suffering has played the role in my life through learning. It's allowed me to grow and learn on others when I don't think I can. It's allowed me to become a better person because it's increased my awareness of how God plays a significant role in my life. It gives me the ability step back and visualize how God is manifested in every molecule within me. It builds character, empathy and my resilience and shown me the power of friendships.
Spring break in Canada

Little sister

Good Pals

Roomie love

To have a purpose and believe in yourself and others, is what I think it means to have a meaningful life. It's critically important to value your worth and to know you're important. I think it'll always be a discovery but for present time, to just be in the moment and I take everything you're consumed by. Developing a sense of purpose brings inspiration, and motivation. It forms leaders, educators, and mentors. It's an important component to a meaningful life. I believe we're always growing we always question what our purpose is or why we're on this earth, which is why friends are a part of my meaning and purpose. Life is meaningful if we can say we are never done learning, but love who we're surrounded by. It's meaningful if we are content without wanting more and being satisfied with being yourself. I believe you find meaning through service, being selfless and not trying to impress others through false actions and not acting like yourself. We may not always know who we are, but we find that through doing what we love and being leaders.


"Good" friends
Living a good life is not calculated on materialistic things, it's much more than that. Having dreams is important because I think they're something to work towards and to create motivation. I do think there is more to life than riches, success, and materials but I don't think achieving your dreams and success should be placed in the same category as riches and materials because those are more of materialistic things and results of life actions, it doesn't create meaning or happiness. Success shouldn't be based on what others view you as or your actions, but how you view yourself. It also doesn't have to mean money. It can be in relationships or gardening or just getting out of bed. Therefore, success can have very different definitions for people and in my viewpoint I think it is important to succeed, whatever that might be, whether it's intrinsic or extrinsic. You feel good about yourself, confident in your abilities, and brings about more/continued success. Additionally, being successful motivates and inspires others to be successful and to work hard. Achieving your dreams I don't think is the same thing as materialistics either. They can inspire and welcome others into building their own dreams.

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