Custom Wedding Rings

The Story Begins

Through collaboration comes an elegant design which is brought to life using computer-aided design.

Realistic renders bring your creative vision to life!

The Magic of Wax

Once your design is created and finalized, a wax model is printed with immaculate accuracy and your beautiful creation is brought into reality.


The wax is then encased in plaster and heated to create an exact hardened mold.

Once the metal has transformed from solid to liquid through extreme heat, your design goes from wax to glorious precious metal.


The casted parts of your design are then removed from the plaster and prepared for the final stages of assembly.

One step closer to being in your hands!

Finishing Touches

Our skilled technicians will then file and polish the parts of your design to give them the beautiful luster we all love, but also assemble them to exact specifications.

Elegant Brilliance

Talented and artful diamond setters then set your precious gems and bring your design to a radiant sparkle.

The Final Result?

A fully customized ring with your input from beginning to end.

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Origin Jewelry

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