GSuite for Education (Formerly google apps for education)

Google Drive
  • "Hub"
  • Able to share and collaborate
  • Keeps files organized and easily accessible
Google Classroom
Google Classroom
  • Learning Management Software...sorta
  • Works with all of GSuite
  • Create and grade assignments
  • Post videos, assessments, discussion boards, etc
  • User-friendly and constantly being updated
Google Slides
Google Slides
  • Sharable Powerpoint
  • Excellent collaboration tool
  • Can also be used as an assessment tool (storybooks, etc)
My favorite food
  1. Go to (or use an iPad and go to the Google Slides app)
  2. Sign in using your school email/password
  3. One person start a slide deck and share it with the entire group using school email addresses
  4. Create a slide about your favorite food
  5. Make sure you're signed into your account
Google Docs
Google Docs
  • Sharable Microsoft Word
  • Excellent tool for critical thinking and reading
  • Copy/Share/View options
  • Collaboration tool
  • Parent newsletters
Google Drawings
Google Drawings
  • Tool for flowcharts, graphic organizers, concept maps, etc.
  • Also can be shared and allows for collaboration
  • Can be placed into any Slides, Docs, etc.
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
  • Google's version of Excel
  • Useful for education as a data compiler and collector
  • Can be very powerful organizational tool with add-ons
Google Forms
Google Forms

Mr. Pyles' current favorite app

  • Used for journals, surveys, dropboxes, quizzes, formative assessments
  • Multiple question types
  • Syncs up with Google Sheets
  • Easy-to-use website creation tool
  • Can embed from other GSuite apps


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