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All About Me

Hello! My name is Keri Mirabelli and I am an 8th grader. I love podcasting because it gives me a chance to really express my emotions towards what I'm reading. I enjoy playing sports and being outside. My two favorite sports are softball and basketball. I have played both since I was very young. I also really enjoy playing volleyball. I am always hanging out with friends and spending time with my family. I am very sarcastic when it comes to certain things. I like making people laugh and having a good time. When I work in school, I always put my best effort into my work. I want to show everything that I am capable of. That's me!

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a time of extreme sadness during the 1930's and the 1940's. Jewish people were basically punished, for being Jewish. They were put into concentration camps to perform tasks that were backbreaking and deadly. Down below there is a link for my podcast summarizing Nazi Rules, Jews in Prewar Germany, The Final Solution, and The Nazi Camp System.


Our job was to explain the causes and effects of World War 1. The causes were what lead up to the first shots of World War 1. I included the acronym M.A.I.N that had the four most important causes of World War 1. "M"stands for militarism, "A" stands for alliance, "I" stands for impearialism, and "N" stands nationalism. Please take some time and listen to what I have learned about the deadliest war in American History.

Bill Gates: A Titan of Industry

This podcast is about Bill Gates, as his buisness style is compared to Titans of Industry from the 1900s. It includes a short timeline of how his buisness started, and how his buisness came to be, by using his extremely smart brain and sneaky tactics. Is he a Robber Baron or a Captian of Industry?

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Keri Mirabelli

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