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Problem statement: By the middle of the 4th marking period, our group has to build a GoKart with working steering, braking, motor drive, throttle, and electronics. The GoKart needs to function using provided power drill and a sheet of plywood. We are also provided a group budget of $25. All other materials have to be scavenged for on our own.

Research: Each team member was assigned a different task to focus on to be more efficient when designing the Go kart. I choose to make the Brake system that requires me to design a brake that slows and or completely stop the Go kart

When designing the Brake system, I want tot be like a real brake system on a car. I plan on putting a piece of rubber on-top of a steel wheel with a lever that will control the speed of the Go-kart it will increase friction.
Here is another view of the brake system where the black logo is, is where we plan on putting the stop when we pull the lever down.


This is our day one rough design of the Go-kart. includes the chassis along side with the wheels and spoiler in the back. Most of the Go-kart is covered in design for how we want it to look
This is our overall detailed sketch of our Go-Kart with the Measurements an name of each individual and the task they were signed up for.
This is my early up close design of the brake system. There are no measurements for this yet due to the lack of brakes nearby to measure.
This is my late close-up sketch of the brakes system that i plan on designing. This draft shows the measurements and the exact size I plant on the part being.


this is the back piece with the tenons cut out .This piece of wood will be the resting board and will also hold the spoiler which connects the electronic system
This is the final product of the final frame. This frame shows the mortes joins in the back that will hold the resting board.
this is the final product with frame and back piece connected together with the morties and tenon
While we waited for the supplies to arrive to build the turning and acceleration system we decided to paint the Go-Kart and this was the result.
This is the base of the Go-Kart connected to the frame of the Go-kart before we put them on we painted them gold since the rust look looked unappealing.
When we tried sitting on the Go-Kart we noticed it started to bend and didn't want it snapping during testing so we decided to cut half of this pallet off and nail it to the bottom of the Go-Kart too support it.
This was the final result of adding the support system on, we nailed it through the top of base and once we sat on it it no longer bend and was firm,
Was we were rid of the stability problem we started to work on the turning system and began by insta-morphing a small hook to the halls of the metal piece that holds the wheels
Once both hooks were firmly attached tot the metal I tied a knot onto the hooks and go a small PVC pipe cut two small little lines on the edges and insta-morphed the line onto the PVC and when tested turned very firmly.
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