Latin II Monument Project presentation details

So far in your project, you and a partner have done research on a building or monument found in the city of Rome. You will use this tool, Adobe Spark, to create a Page to share what you have learned with the rest of us.

You will tell us the purpose and history of your building. This may include explaining how its use changed. E.g. this Roman tomb that was originally outside of the city, but was later incorporated into the wall that protected Rome.

If your monument includes a Latin inscription, you should share that and provide a translation. E.g. The Pantheon, which was built by the Emperor Hadrian, but retained the original inscription from an earlier building that honored Marcus Agrippa.

Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, as consul for the third time, made this.
You may want to feature any interesting details about the building, e.g. how the oculus in the roof of the Pantheon can be used to track the time of day based on the sunlight that falls on the interior of the building.
Watch out when you look for images-- this is also called the Pantheon, but it is in Paris and is NOT ancient.

You will write two versions of a Latin sentence about your building, one active and one passive. E.g. Sententiam latinam de aedificio scribitis. AND Sententia latina de aedificio a vobis scribitur.

If you have questions, let me know, but otherwise, you and your partner should play around with the options that Adobe Spark offers-- themes, format choices,etc.

You will also need to write a bibliography of the sources that you used. The photo credits are provided, if you use the photo search tool that is part of Adobe Spark. If you choose to use another source, you will have to include that in your bibliography, unless you happen to have photos that YOU took.


Created with images by scazon - "Temple of Antoninus and Faustina" • EuroVizion - "~160/197/184. //40/1c/167/1.f - Pyramid of Cestius (12 B.C.) / Porta San Paolo / Aurelian Wall - Roma , Italia1987" • mrsjpvan2 - "The Pantheon" • garyullah - "Pantheon, Rome" • Unsplash - "pantheon rome architecture" • Sean MacEntee - "The Pantheon" • Maurice Svay - "Le Panthéon" • antmoose - "forum: temple of antoninus and curia julia"

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