Shades of Simon Gray By: Charlotte, Gaby, and Lexi

Devin McCafferty-

She is a teenage girl in high school with "dark red hair" and "milk/white hands". She is manipulative but intelligent. Devin lives in her basement and comes from a large family of 6 brothers and sisters and two parents and she lives with her grandpaernts. She lives in a house in Cape Cod and does not come from the wealthiest family and would need a scholarship to get into her college of choice.

Devin McCafferty is a dynamic character because in the beginning of the book she will do anything to get into the school of her choice, Cornell to become a psychologist. However, after the "project" is over with she feels guilty and thinks that she doesn't deserve to get into a good college by cheating. She then decides to go to community college.

Another thing that changes is her commitment to the the school play Macbeth. In the beginning she is devoted to her leading role of Macbeth. However after multiple visits to Simon and her Grandmother in the hospital she drops out and cares more about her friends and family than her role in the play.

She has come to the realization that she has feelings for Simon and breaks up with Kyle. Her and Kyle both have good looks and charm in common, but that's about it. Simon has been in love with Devin since elementary school on the playground. She uses this to her advantage. At a party, Devin asks Simon to dance and uses the fact that he is in love with her to get him in on the "project". "He was and always would be his own person. Until Devin MCafferty laid her milk white hands on his arm. By the end of that night he had agreed to help Kyle and the others with the 'project'". Simon gets in on the "project" to be with the girl he loves.

The theme in Simon Gray is cheating-

A lot of teenagers cheat because they feel pressure to succeed or get into good colleges. 51% of high school students admitted that they had cheated on a test in the past year. In Shades of Simon Gray, these teenagers are feeling the same type of pressure to do well in their futures. Cheating was their security blanket even though they were very intelligent. They felt that they needed to stand out with better grades to appeal more to colleges.

How Shades of Simon Gray relates to the plagues of Egypt-

The heatwave and the blizzard that take place in Bellehaven, New Jersey represents the seventh plague of Egypt, hail and fire. When Pharoah wouldn't free the slaves Moses declared the seventh plague of hail and fire. This is a result of Simon being in a coma and all the drama of the "project". In Simon Gray, this change in weather and the crows covering the town show the darkness that relates to this plague.

Article 1-

Three teenage boys, Daniel Soares, Alex Mosquera, and Erik Vaysman face prison time after they were caught hacking into computers and changing grades and schedules in Long Island at their high school.

This relates to Shades of Simon Gray because in this article these three kids were going to be seniors and felt obligated to do well for their final grades but took the wrong path. Whereas in Simon Gray, Devin, Kyle, and Danny feel the same pressure to do well to appeal to colleges.

Article 2-

Students in Maryland cheated by posting test questions on social media tenth graders taking a state wide English assessment posted the test questions on twitter. Teachers say that this is a new alternative for passing notes.

This relates to Shades of Simon Gray because they went through drastic illegal measures to improve grades. However, the difference is that in Simon Gray, they kept the answers to themselves only for their own benefit. According to this article, the test answers were shown publicly on the internet through the app twitter.



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