SMU Class of COVID:Cristina Reyna Economics, international studies and human rights major, 22

"I loved studying here at SMU. I think it's the best four years of my life as cliche as it sounds. I made great friendships, I learned a lot, and I am really happy with what I chose to study."

Photo by: Marian Rowley

By Marian Rowley

Cristina Reyna, also known as Cristy, is an international student from Monterrey, Mexico. She came to SMU with the goals of obtaining a higher education and getting a job after graduation. She tripled majored in economics, international studies, and human rights, and minored in french.

At SMU, Cristy succeeded in many ways. She was able to obtain several scholarships based on merit and was the president of the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs.

Cristy was ready to take on the world, but then COVID-19 hit, making it hard to enjoy her senior year and find a job.

"Senior year everyone expects it to be the best year and just compile all the good stuff from the previous years and have it. I think that's mostly just seeing your friends and enjoying the city and I think with COVID it got pretty hard to stay safe and enjoy Dallas and my friends."

Photo by: Ana Paula Martinez

This year Cristy has struggled to find a balance between staying safe and taking part in senior year events.

Currently, Cristy is still trying to find a job in the economic sector in Dallas. The job hunt has been difficult not only because of the pandemic but also because she is an international student. Being an international student means that she requires a special work visa and a job willing to sponsor her, so she can be able to stay in the U.S.

Although COVID-19 placed these obstacles in Cristina's life, she always found a way to remain positive.


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