What Makes a Vagaband? We thought our cool little wristband would be easy to make... oh how wrong we were. It took passion, love and a lot of elbow grease to get them to you - here's how we do it.

When we first started making Vagabands, we made each one ourselves by hand: none of the factories we spoke to could guarantee that they'd be able to do the job. It seemed crazy at the time - I mean, how hard can it be to fold up a bit of paper, right? Well, it turns out that, like all the best things, it was more complicated than it looked. The bands are still hand-made right here in London, but luckily for us we've found some rather talented people to help with all that folding...

From drawing board to wrist, Vagabands are a labour of love:

The Inspiration...

We're constantly designing new bands. Each one is designed to encapsulate the artistic style of the destination it represents. There are nearly 3 dozen Destination Band styles available, and the collection grows all the time.

We take suggestions from online travel communities and focus groups to decide which destination to design next. Then we research. We find the quirky ephemera that represents the destination's culture and piece it together to create the design.

The Magic...

Vagabands owe their incredible durability and comfort to Polyart, a tree-free paper alternative made of fibres and natural clay. This is the stuff that makes Vagabands such reliable friends when the road gets rocky... but a very special paper calls for a very special printer!

Using a unique two-step process that combines digital and lithographic printing techniques, the designs are brought to life at our printers' studio in South-East London.

The Machines...

This unique combination of printing methods is made possible through the use of world-class materials and technology. We use some of the most cutting-edge printing techniques around to make sure that your Vagaband keeps its strength. Behind these cool little wristbands lie years of research and development into the digital and lithographic processes. They're more than just a pretty face!

The People...

We keep everything in-house... maybe it's because we're control freaks, but really what it comes down to is that we want to make sure that Vagaband stays local. It keeps our Carbon footprint down, and allows us to make sure that everyone involved in the creation of Vagaband earns a London Living Wage.

We never outsource, and we never cut corners: the Workshop - where the bands are assembled and packaged by local artisans - is right here at Vagaband HQ.

The Bit with Blowtorches...

Stress-testing each batch of bands is always a laugh. We have a bit of fun putting them through their paces with everything from caustic chemicals to fire and extreme temperatures... we even wear white coats while we do it.

Every band needs to measure up to the same high standards of toughness: it means we never put out a product we're not 100% confident in - and gives us an excuse to play with fire

The Band.

When we're sure the batch is up to snuff, they're ready for your wrists. They're packaged by hand at Vagaband HQ and inspected before being sent out to adventurous souls around the world.

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