Philosophy Brianna carbaugh

January 19th

I'm excited to see other people's view and to be able to learn more. I'm worried I'm going to look stupid and not be able to speak in front of the class well

"the unexamined life is not worth living" I think it means if you don't look at thing and do things there's no purpose for living

January 20th

The Ten Commandments of philosophy and what they mean to me 1. To keep an open mind and to let things sink in and wonder and think about it

January 31st

Who would you have followed confusions Buddha Laozi?

February 2

Socrates would describe wisdom as knowing that you don't know something and amiting to that not telling someone something that they don't fully know you can apply it to life by when someone asks you something talk and learn from others


February 7

Christianity is a belief I had it would fall into religion I think I could hold this and believe it I don't think I am but I could

February 13

Reflect on Descartes. I think Descartes

February 14

Why do you think we fall in love? We do t actually falling in love were inlove with the idea of being in love so we think we're in love but we're not.

February 23

Having a custom and knowing things helps to guide you through life and not just be like walking thorugh life with your eyes closed

February 27

We should study Hume to give us the idea to think things might happen that we might not now we don't always need to think like that but is it's okay to say well there's a possibility the sun won't rise tomorrow even though it's most likely will

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